Affiliate Program

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Become a She Births® Ambassador


If you are passionate about inspiring others to create a beautiful birth experience and would like to support families with the world’s most comprehensive and effective birth education program then apply to become a She Births® ambassador. Our program is supported globally by mums and practitioners in numerous fields like:


  • GP’s, OB/GYN’s & professionals that works with pregnant women
  • Midwives and doulas looking for additional tools to assist clients
  • Childbirth educators looking for resources to empower students
  • Acupuncturists specialising in pregnancy and maternity care
  • Yoga, pilates & fitness instructors helping pregnant women prepare for birth
  • Chiropractors & physical therapists aligning women through their pregnancy
  • Lactation consultants assisting new mothers to bring ease and peace
  • Nutritionists & naturopaths supporting pregnant women looking with diet & supplements 
  • Therapists & coaches working with mamas-to-be who desire more confidence and ease
  • Maternity stores looking for unique pregnancy gifts
  • Pregnancy, maternity blogs & health websites wanting to promote an amazing birth-prep tool
  • Mums who have used and loved the program that want to share the love


  • Help others have a better birth experience
  • 10% discount to share with your community
  • 10% remuneration commission paid monthly via PayPal
  • Gain access to great marketing materials (print and online) to boost your affiliate sales
  • Be connected with other like-minded birth professionals

Join the Affiliate Program now

If this is something that speaks to you, it’s time to join. The last step you need to take now is filling out the form and clicking sign up (don’t worry, nothing will be charged)

The process is quick, easy, and free. We’ll be in touch once we receive the form. Thank you for getting this extremely empowering tool into the hands and minds of families all over the world!