The Birth of Chloe told by Amy Johnson

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Birth Story video by Amy blog

Here at head office we are still changing birth one day at a time and I am crazy in love with our new all-female multi-generational birth story interview – showing two mums and two cousins sharing their own experience.

Jay and Amy are fun and slightly competitive sisters. Amy is the new mum and she was there when little Zoe was born (and actually she attended She Births® with her sister, Jay 10 years ago)…Then Zoe got to be there when Amy birthed Chloe. Sounds confusing but it will all make sense once you jump in. At least the OB, Jan Dudley stayed the same 😉

It is so funny and cute how they have a little competition in their birthing but also some really healthy patterns of belief. Well if she can do it, I can too!

You will hear us talk about the loss of their own mother, the yoga that felt great during pregnancy, how intuition kicks in and the funny rush to the hospital for all. It is a high five all round birth story, that also talks about the crazy hormones after birth.

How priceless is it that 9-year-old Zoe now has such a strong imprint of a beautiful birth in her body and mind. I am hoping that she can now just brush off those One Born Every Minute dramas and the rubbish Hollywood films she might see later – with women screaming through a traumatic, clinical, supine, makeup-wearing birth scene.

I have lots more to share with you over the coming months – so many new ideas finally have space to bubble to the surface and we are about to launch my own personal website too. Now that my baby boy Leroy has finished school it is time for his and my gap year.

Did you know that this week we are going to donate 5% of all purchases to the NSW Rural Fire Services and donate $5 for each testimonial received via our Share Your Birth Story page (quickie, video or long format). Your story helps to change the world – because nothing is more powerful than the story we tell ourselves.

The NSW RFS is the largest fire service in the world with 74,000 volunteers. They provide emergency services to 95% of NSW and in my mind, they are true heroes. I am so proud that they are currently standing up to the Government and speaking openly about climate crisis. See my last blog to know more about talking to our children and actions we can take.

Thank you for your support of She Births® and thank you for supporting the NSW Rural Fire Services in advance.


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