Anna Kooiman’s Birth – ‘She Births® taught me skills for labour and successfully breastfeeding’

I had a great She Births® experience. Partially because of the skills I learned, I was able to have a drug free, natural birth, even with a posterior baby. I recommend She Births® for couples looking to make their pregnancy and birth a sensual experience.

My husband and I enjoyed a Weekend Course with Nadine Richardson and I listened to several of the podcasts to refresh the content in my mind afterward. In the weeks leading up to delivery, my husband and I utilised massage and acupressure and used the rebozo. I practiced prenatal yoga, breathing techniques, and visualisations.

My baby boy is now a month old and I am such a proud mama! She Births® ®️not only taught me skills for labour but also for successfully breastfeeding.

– Anna Kooiman

Anna Kooiman's birth | Bright Photography


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