The Birth of Erin – Story by Lesley Butler

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Lesley Butler feature


I would like to nominate my husband Alan, my darling daughter’s daddy for the daddy doula awards.

My husband and I have moved to Australia 5 years ago from Ireland and we do not have any family here with us. We both come from large families and the thought of having a baby here away from family really scared me. But I could not be more grateful for my husband and the support he has provided me throughout the pregnancy, the She Births® course, labour and now taking care of our little girl. Especially as some unexpected news changed everything one week after Erin was born.

One week after Erin was born I was tired and anxious which was typical of any new mum. I was missing my family greatly and would call them every night to discuss Erin’s latest developments, ask questions and unload. Then, my husband got a call from my mother to inform him that my brother had been found dead in his home in Ireland. It was my husband who broke the news to me.

I was a mess, I could not stop crying and basically was a wreck. My husband jumped into action organising Erin’s birth certificate so we could organise her passport, helping me with Erin and talking to me a lot which really helped me to work through the sorrow that I was feeling. He never complained when I didn’t have the emotional energy to get out of bed, instead he was a pillar of strength and I don’t know what I would have done without him.

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I hope you consider him for your award as I cannot think of a better way to tell him how much I appreciated his support.

After our She Births® course Alan practised the visualisations/meditations with me every evening and closer to the birth he practised some acupressure and yoga with me also.

My labour started on a Thursday night and little Erin was born the Saturday night. During the birth, he made me feel very much as ease. The night my contractions started he put the visualisations on for me and listened to them with me for the whole night. He also helped me to concentrate on the breathing we had learnt during the course which really helped especially during the contractions. He was always so calm and helpful in keeping me calm.

I have to admit I really enjoyed my labour and I feel that thanks to it being such a good experience Erin is feeding, sleeping and generally doing so well.

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