Birth Story of Calista by Louise

From the words of Louise ‘While nothing can teach you quite like the experience itself, the She Births® course assisted us to have the conversations we needed, the preparation in weeks leading up to birth’ This is her beautiful birth story…

Calista Inez was born at 11:29 pm, just two hours after we arrived at the hospital. The things we packed for the hospital just a few hours earlier remained in the car, and my partner did not even get a chance to move it from the 20 min drop off zone.

My water broke as I stood at the admissions desk and although I think the hospital staff thought I was being overly dramatic (first-time mum, surely I wasn’t about to give birth on arrival!) once ushered into the birth suite I was not examined to see how dilated I was. I got onto a floor mat and after more contractions and an uncontrollable urge to push, my daughter was placed on my chest. I felt overwhelming emotion that I cannot quite put into words. It was like no experience I have ever had before. It was beautiful, filled with tears, absolute joy, relief and happiness.



My partner was amazing and although we were unsure what I would want once in labour, he took charge of my tens machine, packing for the hospital, getting me sustenance and eventually holding my right leg against my full force through each contraction as I birthed my daughter naturally. A natural physiological 3rd stage followed, no tearing and we left the hospital for the comfort of home has been there just 17 hours. The midwife remarked that I could come back anytime for another birth!

While nothing can teach you quite like the experience itself, the She Births® course assisted us to have the conversations we needed, the preparation in weeks leading up to birth (can’t recommend reduced sugar and gluten + perineal massage enough), knowledge of the stages of labour and most importantly to remain relaxed and calm and have fun.


I went into labour in the pool after swimming 10 x 50m laps, lazing in the sun and bouncing on the pool noodle (although at the time I did not realise this was labour). I called my partner at work, played him the ’emergency emergency, evacuate now’ voice and we had a good laugh, neither of us quite sure if this was it or not.

I drove to pick him up from work while having contractions and a few short hours later we had a baby daughter. Staying calm was essential and we had the tools to do this. My partner knew this was key and was with me every stCalista_4.5_monthsep of the way. My partner is still waiting for me to go through the transition stage – I think he missed me saying at home that I don’t think I’ll be able to do this…
The realistic, well-rounded education was key to our birthing process and I would highly recommend She Births® to all mums as an essential item needed for childbirth above the toys, clothes, nursery or most other baby items that we are told we need to have!

I have an even longer version of this story including the advice I received before birth from other women and feeling that they secretly liked the idea that I didn’t know what I was in for – which after attending She births® I realise that this was probably more of a reflection of their own birth experience. She births® gave me like-minded people, who made me feel that a positive birth experience was possible. I’d be happy to tell this longer story as well if anyone is interested!


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