Australian Birth Story of Delilah

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julia Ashwood blog

A beautiful story from the lovely She Births® Mama Julia Ashwood.

A beautiful baby girl was birthed into our world this time last week, brought on by that big old full moon. And was she in a hurry! Waters broke at 5 am so after a quick morning check-in with the hospital they advised to go home and wait, perhaps try some acupuncture.

By 8.30 am moments after Matty had left to work at the gallery (for an opening that evening no less) contractions began at 8.30 am every 5 then rapidly to 3 – like lightning in a bottle!
Australian Birth Story of Delilah | by She Births® Mama Julia Ashwood
Returning home by 9.30 am Matterson was a golden god.

Totally in the mode, like an exam, he had studied for and already knew all the answers. Strongback massage, heat and kissing were our favourite things. Plus the verbal encouragement (if you could hear over my not so subtle swearing, deep belly moans and horse mouth).

Being at home felt right – moving from the bathroom, shower and back to our bedroom which was dark and cosy. I felt grounded, in my body, earthed, empowered and animal. It was all about total trust.

Our doula Lizzy arrived just in time to observe and help us shift. Commenting that we had done all the right things and we were 100% “in the zone”. After a strong, intense 4hr labour we made it into the Royal and back up on all fours with just 18 mins delivery time. So much so that our van was still outside running out front. I knew I was very close to having her in the back as we swung around the roads and into the emergency parking.

Two very concerned midwives explained to Matty there was absolutely no time for a water birth (our birth plan to burn smokeless incense, create a mood with soft lighting and our music was out the window) but for good reason. Australian Birth Story of Delilah | by She Births® Mama Julia AshwoodBubs heart rate had dropped way down. It took me 2-3 contractions for the head and extra strength for her shoulders to beat the clock – at that stage, I would have ripped my own body apart to get her out.

And there she was. Matty cut the cord, she came straight to skin on skin and fed straight away. Within 30 mins I went into surgery for a grade 3 tear. The midwives said they heard this “pop” with her shoulders. But it’s a small sacrifice for what I hold in my arms at this very moment.

Matty & I personally wanted to thank you, Nadine, for empowering us with the knowledge to archive a beautiful, natural birth and having pure trust in the human body.


Lots of love xx

Julia, Matterson and Delilah Bee Rabbidge

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