Evelyn’s Birth – “I did everything you advised us!”

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EF testimonial

I just wanted to thank you, as my daughter was born last Tuesday, and I went into labour with confidence thanks to the She Births® course.

I did everything you advised us in the course; diet recommendations, the latest equipment that physios suggest in preparation for labour, your prenatal yoga routine and I read the books suggested.

The course gave me the techniques to cope with intense situations even beyond childbirth, through yoga, meditation and visualisation.  I went into labour armed with strategies and felt prepared. To me, this was the most valuable gift I could receive.

After following your tips to shorten labour, I was pleased to hear my obstetrician say it was the shortest labour he had seen in a long time. There was no time for an epidural, which I was surprised I managed without. I was fortunate not to experience any trauma during the delivery, an experience I had previously thought unavoidable.

I have you to thank because you really helped me through my labour from afar.   The information gained during the course significantly influenced my experience of labour, both physically and mentally.

Thanks so much Nadine. I will recommend She Births® to every pregnant friend I have!

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