How I helped stop a c-section in 2 emails…

It’s been such a busy couple of months I don’t quite know where to begin and I’m sure I’ll leave something out. However, today I really want to share a most inspiring story of how things can change with birth from one extreme to the other very quickly – and with the right kind of education and support. It’s just one of the reasons why I love what I do, and why I keep on doing it everyday.
Over April and May we have celebrated Midwives day, Mother’s Day and my 40th birthday. I’ve written and spoken as a birth expert in international magazines and summits. More links in my next newsletter but as so many of you ask how I created She Births® etc maybe you would like to read this short Q&A piece on Flowerchild. and I was honoured to present at the Yoga Australia conference speaking about the power of prenatal yoga and childbirth as pathway to enlightenment.
My new She Births® educators are also now offering courses in Redfern, Maroubra, Manly, Zurich – Switzerland and London – England. And this week a new educator has joined our team to launch She Births® in Melbourne. Woo hoo!
Any pregnant friends can catch me at my monthly talks: The Three Pillars to Creating a Beautiful Birth Experience – held at the beauitful yoga retreat space, Billabong – next course and retreat is on Tuesday 28th May.
But, firstly, let me tell you a story…because it was an amazing turn of events that happened to me and a She Births® mum just last week.
It started with an email from England – Evelyn, who had her first baby 2 years ago with She Births®. She wrote and asked me if she could wear her She Births® Belly Belt after a c-section. I said of course and remembered that Evelyn gave birth to her first son in the water at our local birth centre here in Randwick, Sydney.
I gently inquired into why a c-section was being scheduled for her this time and asked if she needed any resources to help make her birth family centred and immune boosting for her baby. She told me that her new little one was in the 90th percentile for growth and that her caregivers advice was that in order to avoid any shoulder dystocia they would prefer to do a c-section over the usual medical  protocol which is to induce. There was the added risk of her being just over 40 years old this time too.
I revised with Evelyn all of our natural induction techniques for labour to help prime her hormones for bonding and breastfeeding as well went over our new immune boosting family centred c-section protocol. Because Evelyn said to me that she was not feeling 100% comfortable with the decision I encouraged her simply to ask a few more questions of her caregiver and potentially ask for a second opinion too. This I have found is so key to post birth satisfaction and really allows a woman to understand fully and accept an outcome.
As I dug a little deeper though I realised that Evelyn’s family had been traumatised by the loss of a friend’s baby during birth many years ago. And, the hospital she was attending had also experienced an incident recently; the result of shoulder dislodgement. I suggested Evelyn also read an essay in the new book; The Roar Behind the Silence that speaks clearly about the impact one negative or traumatic birth can have on the psyche of a caregiver and the system – and I wished her all the best.
Two days later I received this email…
“Dear Nadine, I had to let you know that I saw another consultant this morning about an hour before my c-section was scheduled. He agreed to induce me and my lovely 10lb baby boy was delivered within an hour and half – no stitches, no pain relief and one very very happy mamma !!! Thank you so much Xxxxxx ”
This for me is a wonderful story because it really highlights the key role of an educator in supporting mums and the importance of questioning until we feel complete with answers. Educators and doulas are not doctors and we do not ever give advice, but we care after the hearts and minds of our women and complement our amazing hospital safety net systems. We offer ideas and suggestions only to help a couple make the decision that is best for them and their baby with a caregiver. Evelyn was prepared for both outcomes. I know that without education a woman cannot be prepared. And without choices a woman will never feel empowered.
This story brings me back to my mission for She Births® which is to make every birth beautiful, no matter what unfolds.
I have recently begun offering birth debriefing sessions to couples because I know it can be very hard to understand why birth has unfolded the way it has, and to come to terms with it too. There are a multitude of complexities that come into  play during birth and without many years of experience it is impossible to understand what happened and why. But without peace around our birth experiences it can be hard to also conceive and feel proud of ourselves as women. You are welcome to be in touch and make an appointment if you need.
Lots of love,
Nadine xxx
If you are overseas or want to get the best Childbirth Education on a budget don’t forget you can participate in the power of She Births® via our amazing Home Study course. Purchase the Online Course now and begin your journey straight away.
If you are a mum in Sydney and would like to help our future doctors learn more about birth then please get involved in these sessions. Mums come to talk about their pregnancies and experiences of labour and birth, plus the postnatal period, maybe a bit about the child’s history too. Year 2 medical students talk with you for between 15-30 mins and you would see a maximum of 6 students over a 2 hour period (all up).
Sessions run 2-4pm each day in weeks beginning June 1st and June 8th (but June 8th is a public holiday, so we have June 19th as a make up for that session). Lunch/tea and biscuits and a parking permit too. All children are welcome.
If you’re interested, call Kiran Thwaites on 9385 2550 or email on [email protected]
I will need your help very very soon! Please look out for special prizes and giveaways in my next newsletter when I send out a Birth Survey for any She Births® mums to complete.

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