Juliette’s Birth – a combination of inner and outer resources

Dear Nadine,

Sandro and I wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for what we learnt at She Births. You gave us the best resources and empowered us for a beautiful natural birth.
We were so confident, happy and relaxed about it…we nearly had Juliette in the car on our way to the hospital…
The 3 key “resources” I used before and during labour were:
– Visualisations to open my body: It helped me to relax fully…I am certain it was the key to my speedy 5-hour labour…
– Remaining active during labour: swaying the hips, changing positions, using the fit ball throughout the labour.
– Breathing: Using “blissful belly” and the golden light visualisation to release the tensions and focus my mind on welcoming the contractions “with a smile”!
Your class and book provided us with an amazing understanding of how the body works, how hormones work and reminded us how important it is to remain calm, happy and faithful.

Juliette’s birth was a wonderful journey for both Sandro and me, thanks to you!

Long story:

One week before my due date, I decided and felt I was ready to welcome our baby. The nest was ready and I was impatient to meet with her. It was a beautiful and warm day, so I went for a long walk on the beach. I stopped at the end of the beach in a quiet little corner where all I could hear was the sound of the waves. I started to breathe the way you taught us and started to focus on relaxing every single part of my body and let the warmth of the sun and the sound of the waves guide me to reach a deeper meditative state. I tried to use my breath to slowly “open” my body, listening to your voice on my iPhone, visualising completely the birth. I was feeling so good…I didn’t realise I spent 2 hours there! I walked back home, and thought I could do this every day until the birth…

Well…I didn’t really have time! The following day, my contractions started at 12:30 pm. No pre-labour for me! Contractions were very steady right from the start, 5 minutes apart. Thanks to what I had learnt with you, I didn’t feel anxious at all. I knew it would take a few hours to build up. I took “refuge” in the bedroom, kept it dark and quiet. I was really serene, confident and relaxed, focusing on my breath, spiralling on the fit ball between the contractions, standing up and moving my hips during the contractions. The key for me was to welcome the contractions with the movement, instead of fighting against it. Sandro constantly used the massage techniques to relieve the pressure off my lower back and stroke it between the contractions. He encouraged me to breathe, breathing with me. It was a real team journey. I felt like I was in a sort of trance with all this movement!

After 3 “active” hours, I had a very intense contraction – and from then on it felt much more intense…so we decided to call the hospital. The midwives told us to come very quickly, as from the sound of my voice they could sense I was pretty “close”. It was really hard in the car as I believe I was in “transition”: I was on all fours, trying to breathe in and out, and to stay calm…using my voice to release the tension building up in my body. Sandro was driving but did not panic as he knew exactly what was going on thanks to the videos we had watched with you. We knew this was the toughest part. His calm helped me go through it.

The urge to push started when we arrived at the hospital at 5 pm. We rushed to the delivery suite…I discovered I was fully dilated – only 4 and a half hours after my labour started. I had no idea, and the midwife was really surprised as it was my first baby. Sandro and the midwife could see the head of the baby! Both she and Sandro guided me slowly through the final stage, encouraging me, breathing with me, telling me exactly where the head was, helping me visualising. The midwife had to break the waters, but then it only took 3 long and gentle pushes until we finally met Juliette, at 5:30 pm on 20 Sept 2011 – 5 hours after my labour started.

Sandro, Juliette and I spent the next 3 hours together in the delivery suite, cuddling each other…Pure and unforgettable bliss…

Kindest regards,
Sandro, V & Juliette

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