Kit’s Birth – A beautiful meditation

Dear Nadine,

I wanted to personally say thank you in helping us to prepare for the birth of our little boy, Kit. Whilst due to a number of circumstances we didn’t get to have a completely natural birth, what you taught us contributed so much to a very special day. To see Mary sitting on a mattress in the Lotus position, very comfortable and breathing deeply through each surge was a beautiful and awe-inspiring thing from my perspective. That was all down to your help ( and a lot of practice!)

Once again thank you so much.

Cliff Nixon

I remember leaving the course feeling so empowered.  I’ve always felt confident in my body and not only did you reaffirm that, but you also showed me specific techniques I use could during labour and delivery.  We took lots of what you said on board – Cliff and I practised the visualisations/relaxations a few times each week; I was doing yoga poses, belly dancing and breathing nearly every day and I was resting, eating well and enjoying my pregnancy.  Although things didn’t work out exactly according to plan (meconium when my waters broke; Kit turning posterior at some point during labour and no one realising until inductions had already begun), Cliff and I both agree that the part of the labour which occurred naturally was one of the most beautiful and special times in our lives.  I was riding each surge and feeling so powerful, channelling the energy to my cervix and seeking pleasure in each one.  It was something only I could do for my baby and my family.

In the She Births booklet, I remember there being something about labour being the longest meditation of your life – I truly believe I experienced that.  For some time during the labour (Cliff or Bernadette – our doula – might be able to let you know for how long exactly) I felt I went ‘somewhere else’, I was so completely engrossed in the birthing that I tuned out of everything around me, the only things that existed were the surges and deep, complete rest I felt between them.  I couldn’t have had such a magical experience without you and the preparation that She Births offers.

The course also allowed Cliff to enjoy the process and to offer me the support I needed – going through labour together has made us closer than ever and it let me see an intuitive side to him that I wasn’t consciously aware of before.  There is also one more way you were present at our birthing – when I forgot to do my big belly breaths, Cliff would breathe with me and when I got back on track, he would say ‘that’s the way’ with exactly the same intonation you use on your relaxations!

Thank you so much for all you have done for us and if there is ANYTHING we can do to promote your work, please let us know.  It would be a privilege to support you.

Mary xx


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