Leela’s Birth – A support circle that helps us trust the body

A little angel is among us. The story of Leela’s birth through the eyes of her daddy…

Under the waxing half-moon in the early hours of Thursday morning our beautiful daughter, Leela Rose was born in the quietude of our home.

Prior to the birth we lovingly transformed the babies room into an intimate birthing space. A birthing pool was filled with warm water, positive affirmations were pinned along the walls, soft music tickled the atmosphere, the scent of clary sage filled the air and candles gently illuminated the room.

The labour started at about 9:30 pm shortly after we finished dinner. The contractions began slowly and over the next 2 hours increased in intensity. At about 11 pm the closeness of the contractions inspired us to call in the midwife who was 50 minutes drive away.

As we hung up the contractions moved into the next level of intensity and this coincided wonderfully with the arrival of Milene’s doula, who was able to offer comfort and support, along with Milene’s Mum who was now part of the birth team.
Milene’s intuition began to take over and she declared it was time to get into the pool. It seemed a little early to the rest of us, but the birthing mother knows best. Milene quickly stepped into the pool and I followed. The birthing support team our celestial mothers, Kim and Martine and precious Doula, Nadine gathered around the pool.

Within minutes Milene said she could feel the baby coming down and stated: “I feel like pushing.”. “Ok darling, just trust your body”. Nadine said. The powerful contractions came in ever-increasing waves, assisting to bring our baby into this world. During these contractions, Milene would rise to her knees and lean against me. I would hold her and encourage her to breathe and whisper quietly into her ear how great she was doing, how proud we all were of her and how soon she would be holding her baby in her arms.Leelas-Birth

As each wave would pass Milene would lie back on the pool and rest, waiting for the next powerful surge, while her mother would tenderly massage her shoulders.
Things were moving quickly and with no sign of the midwife, I asked my mum to call to and check her travel status. At that moment we heard the front door open and the midwife’s sweet voice sounded “I’m here”. The support circle was now complete and the love and support that was flowing in from you all around Australia and the world was so palpable.

45 minutes later Leela Rose Gorrow came gently into the world and I was there to catch Leela underwater and gently raise her into her mother’s loving and expectant arms. Leela was so peaceful and didn’t make even the faintest sound.

Her entry was timed perfectly with Pachelbel’s Canon which was the shuffled song that was playing randomly on the iPod. (This Canon is our favourite composition and just happened to be the song that 100 people sung at our wedding in France at a time when Leela was listening inside mumma’s belly at 4 months.)

At the end of the canon, the room fell silent and at this moment I lent forward and whispered into Leela’s ear her ‘baby mantra’- a sound that has been given to all newborns in the Vedic Tradition to signify their safe arrival into a loving family where the depths of Vedic wisdom are lively and available to them whenever they are ready- put simply they can ‘relax and enjoy the human unfolding’. The effect of the mantra was extraordinary- with each whisper Leela appeared to transcend into an even deeper state of serenity that has been with her ever since.

What a joy it was to witness Milene give birth. She was so strong, so confident and yet so surrendered at the same time. We are all so proud. And how divine it is to look at Leela and fall more and more in love with every passing minute.

With Leela’s birth Milene became a mother, I become a father and we became a family.

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