Luka’s Birth – Hong Kong midwives surprised

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Hi Nadine

Just wanted to let you know that your She Births® meditations worked a treat over in Hong Kong. I listened to it while I dozed in the early stages of labour. I am convinced it works on a very deep, subconscious level.

Luka’s birth couldn’t have been more different to Hugo’s. With all my concern about posterior and slow dilation, it proved that every baby and labour is so different.

I had some reflexology on Wed afternoon and went into regular Braxton hicks shortly after. By 2.30 the next morning, they had some sensation but it was gentle and exciting. By 5 am I was convinced they were contractions. I arrived at the hospital at 3cm and was fully dilated about 45 mins later. My waters broke and she was born about 15 mins later. It was fast but quite wild. Anyway,Lukas-Birth-1 I do remember the lovely Cantonese midwives squealing with joy as they read my birth plan for a drug-free natural delivery. It is quite unusual here.

Scott was so confident throughout. I think all the preparation last time stayed with him.

Anyway, Luka is tiny but feeding superbly. Hugo is being a very caring older brother, collecting rocks for her to play with. Scott is proud as a peacock and I am besotted.

Thanks again for the meditation and e-book. I listened to the meditations every day from when you sent it to me, many things resonated for me in it.

I wish I could be at one of your Chai Gatherings, I know I would enjoy it. I will admit to being a bit nervous going into this birth, without you and not being at the Randwick Birth Centre. But I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome and care.

Sending you much love

Aimee x

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