Max’s Birth – Pain free labour

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She Births® was much more comprehensive than the hospital prenatal classes. The massage techniques with the partners were beautiful and it made it feel like more of a spiritual experience than just a physical one…A loving experience rather than a fearful experience and one which we can embrace with joy rather than feel helpless or inadequate about.

The She Births® course taught me how to have “pain-free” labour. Nadine’s workshop enabled me to stop fearing my labour and see it as a meditation, a ritual and a spiritual experience.

The encouragement to involve my partner, the exposure to specific breathing techniques and the mental preparation of “trusting my body knows what to do” as seen on examples on Nadine’s interviews and DVD’s truly helped me transform what was initially a fearful experience into one that was relaxed, quick (2.5 hours) and joyful.

My labour became a meditation, a calm and joyful experience. There is always the choice of stressing through labour but in the course, I learnt to trust the process and stay in the present moment using breath and mind control.

As a result, my body relaxed through contractions and enabled the labour to be an enjoyable experience as possible.. a magical, spiritual experience.

Thank you, Nadine.



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