Milo’s Birth Story

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amy doyle and bub

Introducing Milo John Morrison. Born 15.57 on Tuesday 16 February, 6 weeks early after I went into labour on my first day of mat leave. 😂

The birth was not what I had planned.

When I did the She Births® course, I had planned to have a water birth at the RPA birth centre. Then after I did the course I contacted Jo Hunter to revert back to my original plan to have a home birth.

But you’ll be very pleased to know, I’m so happy with how it went and I used SO many tools from the She Births® course. I am still quite amazed by how many of the tools I used from the course! Many of my friends who have given birth said they forgot to use anything they learnt – I feel like I literally used everything!

Even though I had to have a syntocin drip to speed things up at one point, I still had a normal vaginal delivery.

I got a bit flustered when I was told I needed the syntocin, mostly because when I first came in I had been given codeine to slow things down.

At that point, I asked politely if the student midwife could leave the room so it was just my midwife and Michael.

My midwife also got me fairy lights and a defuser at that point and I was able to get back in the zone.

I used the gas, with Michael helping me with the rebozo, pressure points and hip squeezes.

And used my coffee plunger breaths during the final stage and escaped with grazes only, no tears.

We got delayed cord clamping, Michael got to cut the chord, we both got to see what sex he was, I got some skin-to-skin before he was taken to the NICU, then got some more skin-to-skin an hour later in the NICU.

I definitely think it went so well because I was so clear on what I wanted and the birth centre midwife really advocated for me!

Milo weighed 2.6kg and didn’t require any breathing support. He’s doing so well and was in the hospital for exactly 2 weeks. I was discharged after 2 days.

So thank you so much for everything you taught me. I feel very very fortunate to have the birth I did.

Thanks again and look forward to seeing you in a Soul Mama Circle.

Amy xxxx

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