Olive’s birth – 4 hour labour

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Olive's birth

Hi Nadine,

Thought you might like to know I had a healthy baby girl called Olive! She is the most divine thing I’ve ever seen. I’m totally in love!
I had an amazing birth, 10 hours pre labouring at home, sleeping in and out of contractions, having baths, listening to my birth playlist practising the breathing …

Then my waters broke at 3.15 am and it was on. Wow!!! The intensity was like nothing I could have imagined….. Then olive was born 4 hours later! All-natural!!!
She came out with eyes wide open staring at me!! Incredible! However, I did keep asking my doula if she was coming out of my bum!!! Ha!!!

3 weeks later and I’m feeling slightly human again, nothing can prepare you for what being a mother feels like, it’s so wonderful!

Thank you so much for all your beautiful teachings, She Births allowed me to enter birth with no fear! Which gave me the birth I had!

I can’t wait for you to meet her and I can’t wait to get back into yoga!!!

Olive's birthAll my love
Bec x

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