Savannah’s Birth – The most intense and fulfilling experience of my life

Hello Wonderful She Birthers!

I trust you are all well & nearing the time when your little miracles arrive. How exciting for you all!

My birth experience was incredible & I want to say a BIG thank you Nadine & She Births® for the education you provide & showing what’s possible for women & their partners in having the best birthing experience. It IS possible ? Here is my little one Savannah Karina Murphy she is 25 days old & the love & light of my life.

Giving birth was the most intense and fulfilling experience of my life. My birthing team were remarkable and perfect.

Keep the vision of your birth in your heart and mind always. Mine was beyond what I thought it would be. Delivering Savannah myself was the highlight of my life.

Go forth & have the birth of your dreams!
with love & appreciation
Karina & Savannah xxxx


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