The Spirituality Of Birth With Jessica Chapnik Kahn

The Spirituality Of Birth With Jessica Chapnik Kahn An honest exploration of two births, femininity, shame, rage and deep love.

Podcast Jess Khan

The becoming and disappearing of a mother. Welcome to Episode 3 of Season 6, our Rise of the Feminine season.

In this collection of podcasts, we are talking about how the feminine rises within us during pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I’m so grateful that you are listening to these conversations on living in a way that fully honours our feminine journey and strength.

Today’s conversation is with one of my best friends Jessica Chapnik Kahn. She is co-author of A Repurposed Life with Ronni Kahn from OzHarvest.

Author of the children’s book Lenny and the Ants and the poetry collection MADRE, which was inspired by the birth of her son, Lev.

Jessica lives in Sydney and is married to musician Nadav Kahn. She has worked in theatre and TV, played in the bands of some of Australia’s finest artists, and released two solo albums.

Jessy is an extraordinary human being, and you’ll hear how much I love her. I wish that every person had such a curious and open-minded friend in their lives.

In this episode, we chat about:
Her two beautiful births. I was Doula at both her 5-year-old and her 2-year-olds birth.
The postpartum world and this sense of disappearing as a mother.
Birth as a dream and a rite of passage.
Posterior labour, epidural and her little girl Shemi needing surgery after birth.

We also talk about surrender, the hero’s journey, and the shame and maternal rage that we often feel as mothers.

Plus, the rising of the feminine alongside the rising of the masculine. That has to happen at the same time.

I hope you enjoy it. Nadine She Births®

Episode Resources:
Follow Jessica on Instagram at @jessicachapnikkahn
MADRE is currently sold out, but a new paperback edition is weeks away from being launched. DM Jessy to secure your copy.
She Births Doula service can be found at https://shebirths.com/doula
Free 7 Day Introduction to prenatal yoga: https://shebirths.com/prenatal-yoga


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