Top 10 Daddy Doulas – Must-read birth stories!

Welcome to our very special Father’s Day – Daddy Doula Awards. If this is your first Father’s Day then an extra big hug from us!

Thank you all so much for your Daddy Doula Award entries. We shed many happy tears reading your incredible birth stories, and I am deeply honoured to have been part of your special journeys into parenthood. Your partners of course, but also ALL the ‘wombs of the world’ thank you for being the amazing Daddy Doula that you are!

Without you Dad and your involvement in birth (otherwise known as women’s business) we would not have a rock to lean on, a shoulder to cry on, a couple of big biceps to squeeze into our buttocks during every contraction or even some hands to catch our baby when the midwife doesn’t make it in time. Yes, the Daddy Doula TROPHY goes to our second time She Births® Dad BART who happens to be blind (less than 1% vision), but can now add to the list of all his amazing hobbies, such as ridiculously fast skiing down steep slopes – catching babies!

We hope you enjoy reading our Top Daddy Doula stories (how could we possibly choose just one winner, right?!). We have a small gift on its way to you Dad.

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A huge shout out to all of our amazing She Births® Dads near and far – Happy Father’s Day to you! Have a brilliant day celebrating with your family.

If you’d like to hear more beautiful birth stories – join us at The She Births® Show this Friday in Bondi – there’s just a handful of tickets left.

Love and gratitude,

Nadine xxx

The Birth of Saya – Story by Cat Bunting | Daddy Doula: Bart

I had Braxton Hicks every night from around 4pm-10pm, 12 days prior to our arrival. Every night they would start up and I’d think ‘game on.’ Could it be tonight? And then they’d stop again! It was quite a roller coaster and I wasn’t sure when labour was going to start. It was a very emotional time, with lots of excitement and disappointment! The birth tools I’d learnt at She Births® were vital during this stage, especially yoga and meditation, to keep me sane!

The night before labour kicked in, the same pattern occurred but they actually continued through the night until around 4am, when things slowed down once again. This time, the Braxton hicks felt more like contractions. They continued throughout the day too, albeit every 20-30 minutes. I felt we were moving towards labour but we weren’t quite there.

And then, out of nowhere… at around 5.30pm, after a game of chess, boom – labour began and lasted just 45 minutes!

Click here for more and to read our Top Daddy birth stories.

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