Two magical birth stories & my new Prenatal Yoga DVD is here

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Sunny with her husband and children sitting on a blanket in the garden

My husband Simon and I did She Births weekend course with the incredible Nadine Richardson in the lead-up to our first son Sunny’s birth, and I will be forever grateful to Nadine.
Sunny was in the posterior position so I had two days of very intense pre-labour and I hadn’t dilated at all. But when my waters eventually broke on the third day, I was able to go into labour in the birth centre of Sydney’s Royal Hospital for Women without any intervention and without fear.
I was in the warm spa bath with my husband for a lot of the nine-hour labour using breathing, relaxation and acupressure techniques we learned at She Births. It was a peaceful and calm environment; we just had a little lamp on and my mum and sister were there for quiet support. Fortunately, Sunny changed position and I was able to birth him completely naturally, although I opted against giving birth in the water in the end, aided by our midwife.
The moment my 4.12kg bundle of deliciousness was placed on my chest was indescribable. I am so grateful to Nadine for providing me with the confidence, knowledge and tools to have the natural, calm birth I wanted despite Sunny being in the posterior position.
We’ve since had another son, Ziggy, and once again I used everything I learned in She Births to give birth to my son naturally in the water after a beautiful three-hour labour.
Childbirth was the most powerful experience of my life. I am still in awe of what my body – and my mind – is capable of. I had very little tearing and went on to breastfeed both of my sons for over a year.
You gave us such an incredible gift, Nadine.
Thank you.
Amy and Simon xxx

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