Celebrating International Day of the Midwife 2019

Happy International Day of the Midwife #IDM2019. Today, we acknowledge the wonderful and important role midwives play in both catching and helping us birth our babies. It is a true shame that not enough women get access to continuous midwifery care around the world, including Australia. For those lucky enough to be cared for by […]

Birth story from Rhia Stanger

Birth Stories - Rhia Stanger

I just wanted to say Thank You for creating your course! I did the online version as I live in a remote community 2hrs from the Wodonga maternity hospital. My first birth ended in a C-section at 38wks due to vasa previa and minor placenta previa. I was devastated and determined to have a natural […]

Don’t be afraid; Self-care and preparation from a c-section mama

blog c story

After attending the Shebirths course and following the recommendations to a tee, first-time mama, Charlene was shocked to discover her follow her doctor’s advice to follow through with a c-section delivery for her large-headed baby. She and her husband had felt they’d done everything to prepare for a vaginal birth, she felt disappointed and took […]

The Birth of Mavi

Birth Story of Mavi and Daddy Doula 2018 Oggi Yusuf , by Marije Kleverlaan When was your birth? Mavi was born on 1st May 2018 Was it your first? Yes it was my first birth, and Oggi’s second. He has a 10 year old daughter and being a second timer definitely helped!. He was just so […]

The She Births® Show Podcast goes live with Dr Sarah Buckley

Finally, here it is! The She Births Show Podcast. We’ve created it as a place that will inspire your birth, evolve your parenting and help you live a life you love. Nadine, hosts a collection of conversations with special guests about better births, a philosophy of connected parenting and conscious, healthy living. Season 1 is […]

Blog | In conversation with Anna Kooiman and Dr Jan Dudley

It’s been amazing to watch the evolution of She Births® over the years and see how couples have spread the word and as a result expansion happened organically. When we create something great – it takes on a life of its own and spreads into places far beyond imagined! When I began teaching prenatal yoga […]

Blog| Emma’s Beautiful Birth Story

Emma Birth Story

For first-time mum Emma the birth of daughter Lucy went better than she could have expected. The secret of her success? Trust, planning, a great birth partner and – by her own admission – lots of luck ? Describe your birth experience in 3 words: Peaceful, joyful, awe-inspiring. When was your birth? Our adorable daughter […]

Blog| Watch, Listen or Read and we’d love to hear from you

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We are coming up to our 10-year anniversary. 10 years creating a beautiful community of people from all walks of life, joined together on the journey of birth and parenthood. I would love to know where you are within the cycle of parenting, what your interests are and then how often you would like to […]

Blog| SBS Birth Wars, the behind the scenes…


Did you tune into BIRTH WARS on The Feed last Tuesday night? Catch up here on SBS Viceland and be prepared to have some of those birth buttons pressed 😉 You will also you get to see how She Births® is considered to be at the ‘forefront’ of the positive birthing movement. I will try make […]

Blog| Nadine’s return to the motherland India

I just arrived home from a couple of weeks travelling around Tamil Nadu, the east coast state above Kerala in India. If you follow me on my instagram @nadine_shebirths you will have seen some photos of my trip. We thought it important to share more on what this trip means to me and why travelling is […]

Happy Daddy Doula Day 2018


We are so excited to share this wonderful story and thank you to all those She Births® mama’s who nominated their partners. The 2018 winner of the Daddy Doula Aware goes to Oggi Yusuf. His partner Marje was so proud to share their story. This is a powerful one of complete support and belief in […]

Imagine if your workplace paid for your She Births® course…

imagine if your work paid you

As you may already know, we have created a new, video based Online Course (and our app is close to complete). Our dream is to have She Births® available to every parent in the world – and this is the next step. Are you ready? Here at The Birthing Institute, we know that parenting is the […]

Australian Birth Story | Charlene Cong shares her positive caesarean birth story

Birth Stories - Charlene Cong

Birthing by caesarean section takes courage and stamina, requires love and support and of course the most important principle of birth, faith. Most times during birth we need to have faith in nature and our amazing bodies. but when there is  a change of plan or things become complicated we must also foster faith in […]

When did Birth Become Daddy’s Business?

when did birth daddies

The days are getting longer and the water is warming up which can only mean that Daddy Doula Day is fast approaching. This is our second year to hero the special support in our lives. Birth is women’s business. When did birth become daddy’s business? That’s what we have all grew up knowing. The dad […]

Celebrating World Breastfeeding Week

baby breastfeeding

We have had a wonderful week here at She Births® working from our hub in Bondi and welcoming lots of happy babies into the world around the globe via our new video based Online Course. Many families blown away by what they could achieve during birth with the right knowledge, tools and support. I have […]

Who inspires you? We want to know!

she births® birth community

You’ll be glad to know that we have kicked off our planning for this years’ She Births® Show. Last year was such a powerful event that so many people loved (and many people missed out on getting tickets to) that we have set the bar high for 2018. Powerful Women create peaceful births and life […]

Addicted to inspiration

addicted to inspiration

INSPIRATION 1: the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions 2: the act of breathing, specifically inhalation I have an addiction to podcasts… but really I think I am addicted to inspiration! It is a great thing – because I just love learning and it never has to stop right, no matter how […]

Can an induction birth be positive? Navaya’s Birth Story by Kimmy Smith

Birth Stories - Kimmy Smith

This week we have a great birth induction story for you. This was Kimmy’s third birth – so of course that does help things a wee bit – as muscular memory is present in all our stretchy bits But, every birth is different and you can’t just waltz into a second or third birth without […]

Why EVERY woman needs a TENS!

As you know, at She Births® we cover a whole range of natural pain relief techniques which ultimately empower mums to experience a safer, faster and more natural birth, and enable partners to provide effective support. The TENS machine is one of my favourites! It can be such a great tool for the beginning of […]

Expert Interview: Meditation + Prenatal Meditation Course

I began meditating at the age of 16. It wasn’t an easy journey – teaching myself from a book, but it was lifesaving, and profound at times. I went on to dabble in different forms of focussed and reflective modes of meditation, mainly via yoga classes and retreats. However, when I met Gary Gorrow and […]

Zoe & Benji Marshall Share Their Birth Story

Zoe Marshall and Benji Marshall

This week we share with you an awesome birth story from TV Presenter and NRL player, Zoe and Benji Marshall. Zoe Marshall says that even though she was induced, which was her worst case scenario, ‘I still had an incredibly beautiful birth!’ Watch here to discover how they did it. Medical Induction is a rough ride. The discomfort of contractions is so […]

5 Hot Links & Teasers for the Weekend

Zoe Marshall and Benji Marshall

This week we’ve got a whole lot so share so we’re going to do it in links that might pique your interest. WATCH: First up is a birth story from Zoe and Benji Marshall. Strong and empowering, the way these two bonded through the process is beautiful. We’ll be releasing the full video next week – so […]

Recap of our best blogs + New VIC venue

Exciting news! We have a brand new location in Victoria run by two wonderful midwives, Britt and Kelly. Just outside Geelong, the Queenscliff venue is set on gorgeous grounds – it is even has a labyrinth! Close to the ferries, with lots of Air BnBs nearby, this beautiful centre is perfect for those that live […]

Birth Story | The birth of Aiden – by Kim Campbell

This week’s beautiful birth story comes from Kim Campbell who completed our Online Course. Our Online Course is becoming more and more popular, reaching more and more couples around the world, which is super exciting. Next week, we will have a special announcement about our brand NEW Online Course – stay tuned! When preparing for […]

EXPERT INTERVIEW | Exercise tips for pregnancy + new mums

Have you wondered if it is really possible to bounce back after birth – just like they seem to do in celebrity land? Of course, ‘bouncing’ is not the right term – especially when we want to take care of our pelvic floor. This week, the wonderful Kimmy Smith chats to us all about pre […]

Happy Mother’s Day! + WIN a Pukka tea gift pack

I hope you are having a beautiful day with your family this Mother’s Day. Being a mum is the best job in the world isn’t it… but it is also one of the toughest. Am I right? I have focused today’s blog on embracing the tough and making it beautiful… just like we do during […]

Happy International Day of the Midwife!

Happy International Day of the Midwife to all the midwives, and the wonderful team of people that helped you birth your babies! Where would we be without our midwives? When I think about my beautiful midwife, it still brings tears to my eyes 16 years on. She was our calm presence, my rock and my […]

Caesarean Birth Story | The Birth of Harvey – By Maree

Giving birth always ask something of us – no matter which way it goes (caesarean or vaginal) – because it is a rite of passage. And rites of passage require change, transformation and are always challenging in one way or another. Our unique She Births® tools and principles are applicable to all birth scenarios.  Read […]

MUST READ | Birth Stories recap

We know you love reading birth stories as much as we do! They’re always our most-read blog posts. Here is a recap of some of your favourites (click on the headings for the full stories): A surprise HOMEBIRTH – delivered by daddy doula of the year! “One of my strongest memories was knowing bubs head […]