EXPERT INTERVIEW | Gut health for fertility, pregnancy and baby

As you know from doing She Births®, gut health is so important for your family’s health and wellbeing – and especially important pre-conception, during pregnancy and during your baby’s early development. I never stop editing, improving and developing She Births®. I have been educating about no wheat and sugar for over 10 years now but […]

Soul Mama Circle | Free Weekend Courses | Book Giveaway

Soul Mama Circles | She Births® Morthers' Group | Image by Bright Photography

I hope you are all enjoying the lovely long weekend with family and friends. A few reminders this week in case you missed these and would like to get involved…   SOUL MAMA CIRCLE – Bondi Beach Our next Soul Mama Circle, facilitated by Nadine Richardson, is in Bondi Beach on Thursday, 12 April, 1-3pm. […]

Birth Story | The Birth of India – by Julie Spatt

This beautiful birth story comes from Julie, who felt compelled to write down her birth story on the eve of her daughter’s first birthday. Reaching that first birthday is such a significant milestone and I wish I could give every family a trophy on that day to say: Well Done! You made it through the […]

10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned as a Woman

Happy International Women’s Day to you and all our sisters around the world! At this time each year I like to reflect on how I have changed and what I am doing now, as a woman. To me being a woman is a great privilege but it also has unique challenges. I believe that my […]

Coming soon: NYC + LA! Join us!

She Births USA Courses

My trip to the US is fast approaching! I am so excited to be returning to the States in April to bring She Births® to expectant mums and their partners in New York and Los Angeles. If you have any pregnant family or friends, or know any birth workers, women’s health specialists (physios, nutritionists, osteos, […]

Expert Interview: Acupuncture for Fertility, Pregnancy + Birth

At She Births® Courses we cover a huge range of different tools and techniques to prepare you inside and out so that you can experience a smoother pregnancy and a better, more beautiful birth. We want you – your body and mind – to be functioning at its absolute optimum. Which is why we also […]

Birth Story: The Birth of Celine – By Kylie Bedwell

Kylie Bedwell - Abigail Jones Photography

This week’s beautiful birth story comes from Kylie Bedwell who gave birth to baby Celine last month after completing the She Births® Online Course. We hope that by sharing these positive birth experiences with you, you are inspired to approach birth with a positive mindset – just as Kylie was. Read the full story below. […]

Celebrating 10 Years + USA Courses!

10 years ago, I was working as a doula and prenatal yoga teacher… I ran my first birth education course over a cup of tea in my Bondi living room… My son Leroy was 6 years old and I was a solo mum. I had no idea what I had got myself into and I […]

VBAC Birth Story | The birth of Avi – by Louise Patel

The birth story of Avi Innate. Fearless. Empowering. This is the birth story of baby Avi as told by his mother, Louise Patel. It took Louise some time to be convinced that baby Avi was really coming! After all, it was only one week before what would be a super-fast arrival, that she and her […]

Inspiration for career and personal growth in 2018!

Happy New Year! Here’s to an exciting and fulfilling 2018! If you’re feeling the inner calling to change direction slightly, this year we are offering two She Births® Educator Training programs in May and September and launching a pre and post-natal Yoga Teacher Training Workshop in March. We are also planning to run Doula Training […]

2017 Reflections and Highlights

2017 highlights

It has been such an exciting year for She Births®. And it has also been a big year of growth for Leroy and I. Here are some of the highlights from 2017 and my personal reflections… This year, we have educated and helped birth over 750 She Births® babies! We launched the inspiring She Births® […]

Birth Story | Posterior Baby Wisdom – by Johanna Carr

Birth Stories - Posterior Baby Wisdom – by Johanna Carr

We hope you enjoy this week’s birth story from She Births® mum Johanna Carr. Johanna readily admits that things didn’t work out exactly as planned – when does life ever? But she also says that giving birth was the most amazing experience of her life. I love hearing all of your birth stories, but in […]

She Births® is helping African families with birth education


At She Births® we’ve empowered more than 4,000 couples to experience better and more beautiful births through our Weekend Course and Online Course. Until now, mostly Australians and couples in the western world have benefited from the knowledge and tools that She Births® offers. But it’s always been my vision to better support those in […]

Would you like to become a She Births® Educator?


If you’re a midwife, doula or women’s health specialist focusing on the perinatal period, and want to empower women to experience better and more beautiful births, register for a free online information session to find out more! Join Nadine Richardson, CEO and Founder of She Births®, to find out how you can join our growing network […]

LOVE IS LOVE | The Birth of Luca – By Genevieve & Kate

Birth Stories - Genevieve and Kate

Epic. Empowering. Emancipating. Simply amazing. Those are words Genevieve and Kate used to describe the birth of their gorgeous baby girl, Luca. “Luca was born naturally without an epidural and only minimal tearing (she was a big bubba). I spoke to her during most surges, knowing that each one was bringing me closer to her,” […]

Expert Interview: Breastfeeding tips for new Mums


You might have seen me on Channel 7’s House of Wellness last Sunday (episode 11) talking about breastfeeding and answering a question from a pregnant mum – “What will happen if I can’t breastfeed? I am worried about how I will feel about myself.” At She Births® we believe, like science does, that ‘breast is […]

Are you eligible for a free She Births® Weekend Course?

are you eligible post

I am incredibly excited to share our latest news! Over the last six months, She Births® has been working hard as part of HCF’s Catalyst Program. Today, we are proud to announce the launch of a ground-breaking collaboration with HCF – the HCF Funded She Births® Trial. What does this mean? She Births® is already […]

The Birth of Poppy – by Sarah Hoffman

birth of poppy story

We have a beautiful birth story to share with you this week from Sarah Hoffman. Like many women, Sarah was fearful of childbirth… until she discovered She Births®. She put everything she learnt during the course into practice and “had the most amazing fearless and painless birth experience.” It’s interesting that Sarah notes that people […]

Are you looking for a deeper connection?

are you looking for a deeper connection post

Following on from last week’s blog with Jo Schaeffer on the topic of perinatal anxiety and depression, we wanted to share two opportunities with you that can help you through the challenging journey of motherhood – in the form of much needed support and community.   Soul Mama Circle I have been facilitating Soul Mama […]

Expert Interview: Psychotherapy for perinatal anxiety and depression

Jo expert

This week’s blog is brought to us by a great friend and psychotherapist, Jo Schaeffer. We are addressing the very complex and often painful subject of perinatal anxiety and depression. By no means can we cover in one blog what work is available to do before or after birth to helps mums avoid these experiences […]

Join our team!

join our team blog

  Our inaugural She Births® Show was a huge success and so much fun! What I loved the most was that we got to discuss birth in a more juicy and complex way and look at the business / motherhood juggle from a more heartfelt and spiritual perspective. There are lots of questions that I […]

Chiropractic Care for birth and beyond with Dr Zoe James

Zoe James

This week we speak to Dr Zoe James, Chiropractor and Kinesiologist (and She Births® Mum!), who specialises in prenatal care and the first 12 months of a baby’s life. Chiropractic Care is a safe, gentle and effective way of helping women through their journey from fertility, to prenatal care, labour and post natal care. Research […]

Top 10 Daddy Doulas – Must-read birth stories!

birth of saya stories blog

Welcome to our very special Father’s Day – Daddy Doula Awards. If this is your first Father’s Day then an extra big hug from us! Thank you all so much for your Daddy Doula Award entries. We shed many happy tears reading your incredible birth stories, and I am deeply honoured to have been part […]

The Birth of Saya – Story by Cat Bunting

birth of saya stories blog

DADDY DOULA: BART I had Braxton Hicks every night from around 4pm-10pm, 12 days prior to our arrival. Every night they would start up and I’d think ‘game on.’ Could it be tonight? And then they’d stop again! It was quite a roller coaster and I wasn’t sure when labour was going to start. It […]

The Birth of Sierra – Story by Heidi Gerberich


DADDY DOULA: HUNTER Hunter was my Daddy Doula from the moment we started preparing for labour. He was thoughtful and articulate when it came to discussing what kind of birth we wanted and what his role would be. He coached me through the last few weeks, reminding me of times when we had summited mountains […]

Birth of Sharma – Story by Gretta Free

Gretta Free feature

DADDY DOULA: NICK Nick was amazing in the preparation for our baby boy’s birth. He was so inspired by doing our She Births® course… During our pregnancy he would frequently offer to practice massage and acupressure, we often had birth rehearsals initiated by his encouragement and many beautiful times together singing and chanting to our […]

The Birth of Maggie


DADDY DOULA: JOHN My partner John was wonderful during the birth, but that was the easy part! He was great at using and remembering all the techniques we learned in the She Births® course. When I wasn’t able to think straight, let alone work out what I needed, he was there squeezing my hips together […]

The Birth of Martin – Story by Marine Roujon

Marine Roujon feature

DADDY DOULA: JULIEN Julien was the most amazing support during birth. At home I was on the fit ball most of the time. My favourite relief was the hip squeeze. I was sitting on the fit ball with the back of a chair in front on me. I was standing up leaning on the back […]

The Birth of Erin – Story by Lesley Butler

Lesley Butler feature

DADDY DOULA: ALAN I would like to nominate my husband Alan, my darling daughter’s daddy for the daddy doula awards. My husband and I have moved to Australia 5 years ago from Ireland and we do not have any family here with us. We both come from large families and the thought of having a […]

The Birth of Maverick – Story by Maxine Roberts

DADDY DOULA: SHANE To say we had a beautiful birth experience would be a total understatement, I don’t think it could have gone any better especially considering Shane’s grandmother had passed away four days prior (she had tried so hard to make it to the birth). We had no idea we would be organising a […]

The Birth of Edith – Story by Rebecca Fogg


DADDY DOULA: STU My husband Stu definitely found out how capable he was when he unexpectedly “caught” our baby daughter Edith when I gave birth on the way to hospital. I was 6 days over my due date. I had been sick for over a week with a cold and a terrible cough. I told […]

The Birth of Alistair – Story by Shelley Little

She Births® Daddy Doula Stories | Shelley Little

DADDY DOULA: ADAM My partner and I prepared ourselves for birth very differently. I threw myself into the She Births® course and followed its suggestions rigorously. Whereas my partner approached the course information and the techniques we practised together with a much more reserved demeanour. I was a little worried that his lack of enthusiasm […]

Should we drop the ‘Towards Normal Birth’ policy?


Over the past week the term ‘normal birth’ has been hotly debated in the media – ever since the British press reported on the end of the decade-long campaign for ‘normal births’ by the UK Royal College of Midwives. If you’ve been following along in NSW you would have read a number of articles that […]

How to protect your precious pelvic floor

Lyz Evans pelvic floor

This week on our blog we speak to Lyz Evans, Practice Principal and Founder of Women in Focus Physiotherapy about the pelvic floor – what it is exactly, how it’s affected by birth and why it’s SO IMPORTANT to do those boring pelvic floor exercises… correctly! This is one of my favourite topics of discussion […]