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Blog| Emma’s Beautiful Birth Story

For first-time mum Emma the birth of daughter Lucy went better than she could have expected. The secret of her success? Trust, planning, a great birth partner and – by her own admission – lots of luck 😊 Describe your birth experience in 3 words: Peaceful, joyful, awe-inspiring. When was your birth? Our adorable daughter […]

Blog| Nadine’s return to the motherland India

I just arrived home from a couple of weeks travelling around Tamil Nadu, the east coast state above Kerala in India. If you follow me on my instagram @nadine_shebirths you will have seen some photos of my trip. We thought it important to share more on what this trip means to me and why travelling is […]

Birth Story | Rachel Campbell welcomes Indigo after 5.5 years of fertility challenges and with the help of her sister

Although we are ‘birth focused’ here at The Birthing Institute we are also doing our best to help families across the whole perinatal period. I believe that bringing a sense of value to the whole motherhood journey is critical to the restoring balance on our planet. Of course, everyone’s journey begins with fertility. I have […]