She Births® Birth Basics Online Birthing Course

We’ve created this new Birth Basics course to empower you and your partner for birth.

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Our Birth Basics Online Birthing Course is the perfect taster of our popular She Births® Full Online Birthing Class. With over 30 individual videos, downloads and visualisations covering all the basics you will need for a beautiful birth. Plus, at any time, you can upgrade to the She Births® Full Online Birthing Class and only pay the difference.

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Over 30 individual videos

Visualisations to assist deep relaxation and self hypnosis

Printable Resources and downloads

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  • 1. Stages of Labour: Create an Optimal Mindset now
  • 2. How Labour Really Begins - Myth-busting
  • 3. Pre-labour - signs, tools & strategies
  • 4. Active labour - signs, tools & strategies
  • 5. Transition - signs, tools & strategies
  • 6. Second Stage of Labour - signs, tools & strategies
  • 7. Third Stage of Labour - signs, tools & strategies
  • 8. Results of birth education and how knowledge increases maternal satisfaction while lowering c-section rates
  • 9. Birth Preferences Part 1 - writing your own version
  • 10. Birth Preferences Part 2 - understanding hospital policies, protocols & risk management
  • 11. B.R.A.N.D: Conscious Decision Making when at a Crossroads in your pregnancy or your labour
  • 12. The Dad's Guide to She Births®
  • 13. Setting up for Birth at Home and Hospital - see photos of how to make your own space for comfort & ease during labour
  • 14. Introduction to Practical Tools - Why we need to have tools for birth & how to use them well
  • 15. Active Birth & Optimal Position Part 1 - Being upright and active is key but so is the position of your baby
  • 16. Active Birth & Optimal Position Part 2 - Understand the key mindset to active birthing so we don't become exhausted
  • 17. Massage Techniques + Demonstration - Help your partner to help you during labour with our #1 Outer Resource for pain relief
  • 18. Breathing Techniques: Overview & Chemistry - Our #1 Inner Resource for pain relief are the unique She Births® breathing techniques.
  • 19. Soft Sleep (SS) breaths
  • 20. Blissful Belly (BB) breaths
  • 21. Breathing Techniques Summary
  • 22. Visualisations - Great to use during the day and rehearse for birth but also at night when you can't get back to sleep
  • 23. Birth Stories - Perfect to inspire you and your partner understand and prepare for the reality of birth

Here is a taster of what you will get after signing up. Press Play - Enjoy!

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Birth Basics | She Births® Online Classes

Photo: Bright Photography

With her in mind WHIMN

"She Births® was without a doubt the best investment I made for my pregnancy and birth"

She Births® was without a doubt the best investment I made for my pregnancy and birth. My partner and I did the online program which really worked for us as we could watch it on our smart TV in the comfort of our home, pause and discuss, take notes and practice the massages etc. at our own pace.

The whole experience surpassed our expectations and the knowledge we gained really empowered and connected us.

By the time we were finished the course, we felt genuinely prepared and excited for the birth of our child. It’s crazy to think that prior to doing the course, I had probably spent more time researching prams and car seats rather than learning about how to actually bring my baby into this world!

I truly believe that the combination of She Births® course, the visualisations provided by the course, prenatal yoga (with Nadine Richardson in Bondi) and an amazing Ayurvedic massage the day before I was induced gave me the toolkit I needed to have the drug free, speedy birth I had hoped for.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing went to plan and it was intense and insane, but understanding the process and feeling in tune with my body helped me to feel as in control and calm as I could have hoped for.

It was a truly transformative experience and I know that She Births® played a vital role in that.

I still use the visualisations to ground and calm myself during trying times (baby screaming in your face at 3am anyone?!) and when my bub was 2 weeks old I joined a Soul Mama Circle and that group of like-minded women continue to nourish me on my journey through motherhood.

Thank you Nadine for developing this amazing course, for the yoga, for the Soul Mama Circles – you really are enriching lives and making generations of women (and men!) stronger and more conscious through your work.

Ruthy Carnac

Bondi Beach, , Sydney, Australia


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"Giving birth is like running a marathon in your body, while walking a labyrinth in your mind."
Nadine Richardson
Nadine Richardson
Founder of She Births®