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Emma Hayes daddy doula 2
Australian Birth Stories

2019 Daddy Doula Award Story by Emma

Nominee for Daddy Doula Award 2019 My husband Chris Why do you feel this Daddy Doula deserves the award? Chris was such wonderful support during our birth and the early postpartum period. The standout daddy doula act that he helped

Michael Simic daddy doula story
Australian Birth Stories

2019 Daddy Doula Award Story by Rose

Nominee for Daddy Doula Award 2019 My husband Michael. Why do you feel this Daddy Doula deserves the award? My husband Michael was a great support person during the birth of our daughter. Even more so, has been his ongoing

when did birth daddies
Australian Birth Stories

Daddy Doula award 2020

4th Annual She Births® Daddy Doula Awards On September 6 2020, one supportive partner will be crowned the She Births® Daddy Doula* of the year! When Nadine created She Births® more than 12 years ago, one of her motivations was

Australian Birth Stories

The birth of Jay by Erika and Ryan “from anxious to amazing”

Erika and Ryan prepared for birth last year using our Online Program and did most of the course via their phones on the app. Watch their story and hear how Erika went from feeling anxious to having an “amazing birth”!

Birth Stories - Rhia Stanger
Australian Birth Stories

Birth story from Rhia Stanger

I just wanted to say Thank You for creating your course! I did the online version as I live in a remote community 2hrs from the Wodonga maternity hospital. My first birth ended in a C-section at 38wks due to

blog c story
Australian Birth Stories

Don’t be afraid; Self-care and preparation from a c-section mama

After attending the Shebirths course and following the recommendations to a tee, first-time mama, Charlene was shocked to discover her follow her doctor’s advice to follow through with a c-section delivery for her large-headed baby. She and her husband had

Australian Birth Stories

The Birth of Mavi

Birth Story of Mavi and Daddy Doula 2018 Oggi Yusuf , by Marije Kleverlaan When was your birth? Mavi was born on 1st May 2018 Was it your first? Yes it was my first birth, and Oggi’s second. He has a

Emma Birth Story
Australian Birth Stories

Blog | Emma’s Beautiful Birth Story

For first-time mum Emma the birth of daughter Lucy went better than she could have expected. The secret of her success? Trust, planning, a great birth partner and – by her own admission – lots of luck ? Describe your

blog watch listen read post
Australian Birth Stories

Blog| Watch, Listen or Read and we’d love to hear from you

We are coming up to our 10-year anniversary. 10 years creating a beautiful community of people from all walks of life, joined together on the journey of birth and parenthood. I would love to know where you are within the

Australian Birth Stories

SBS Birth Wars, the behind the scenes…

Did you tune into BIRTH WARS on The Feed last Tuesday night? Catch up here on SBS Viceland and be prepared to have some of those birth buttons pressed 😉 You will also you get to see how She Births® is

Zoe Marshall and Benji Marshall
Australian Birth Stories

Zoe & Benji Marshall Share Their Birth Story

This week we share with you an awesome birth story from TV Presenter and NRL player, Zoe and Benji Marshall. Zoe Marshall says that even though she was induced, which was her worst case scenario, ‘I still had an incredibly beautiful birth!’ Medical Induction

Australian Birth Stories

Birth Story | The birth of Aiden – by Kim Campbell

This week’s beautiful birth story comes from Kim Campbell who completed our Online Course. Our Online Course is becoming more and more popular, reaching more and more couples around the world, which is super exciting. Next week, we will have

Australian Birth Stories

Caesarean Birth Story | The Birth of Harvey – By Maree

Giving birth always ask something of us – no matter which way it goes (caesarean or vaginal) – because it is a rite of passage. And rites of passage require change, transformation and are always challenging in one way or

Australian Birth Stories

MUST READ | Birth Stories recap

We know you love reading birth stories as much as we do! They’re always our most-read blog posts. Here is a recap of some of your favourites (click on the headings for the full stories): A surprise HOMEBIRTH – delivered

Australian Birth Stories

Birth Story | The Birth of India – by Julie Spatt

This beautiful birth story comes from Julie, who felt compelled to write down her birth story on the eve of her daughter’s first birthday. Reaching that first birthday is such a significant milestone and I wish I could give every

Kylie Bedwell - Abigail Jones Photography
Australian Birth Stories

Birth Story: The Birth of Celine – By Kylie Bedwell

This week’s beautiful birth story comes from Kylie Bedwell who gave birth to baby Celine last month after completing the She Births® Online Course. We hope that by sharing these positive birth experiences with you, you are inspired to approach

Australian Birth Stories

VBAC Birth Story | The birth of Avi – by Louise Patel

The birth story of Avi Innate. Fearless. Empowering. This is the birth story of baby Avi as told by his mother, Louise Patel. It took Louise some time to be convinced that baby Avi was really coming! After all, it

Birth Stories - Posterior Baby Wisdom – by Johanna Carr
Australian Birth Stories

Birth Story | Posterior Baby Wisdom – by Johanna Carr

We hope you enjoy this week’s birth story from She Births® mum Johanna Carr. Johanna readily admits that things didn’t work out exactly as planned – when does life ever? But she also says that giving birth was the most

Birth Stories - Genevieve and Kate
Australian Birth Stories

LOVE IS LOVE | The Birth of Luca – By Genevieve & Kate

Epic. Empowering. Emancipating. Simply amazing. Those are words Genevieve and Kate used to describe the birth of their gorgeous baby girl, Luca. “Luca was born naturally without an epidural and only minimal tearing (she was a big bubba). I spoke

birth of poppy story
Australian Birth Stories

The Birth of Poppy – Australian Birth Story by Sarah Hoffman

We have a beautiful birth story to share with you this week from Sarah Hoffman. Like many women, Sarah was fearful of childbirth… until she discovered She Births®. She put everything she learnt during the course into practice and “had

birth of saya stories blog
Australian Birth Stories

Top 10 Daddy Doulas – Must-read birth stories!

Welcome to our very special Father’s Day – Daddy Doula Awards. If this is your first Father’s Day then an extra big hug from us! Thank you all so much for your Daddy Doula Award entries. We shed many happy

birth of saya stories blog
Australian Birth Stories

The Birth of Saya – Story by Cat Bunting

DADDY DOULA: BART I had Braxton Hicks every night from around 4pm-10pm, 12 days prior to our arrival. Every night they would start up and I’d think ‘game on.’ Could it be tonight? And then they’d stop again! It was

Australian Birth Stories

The Birth of Sierra – Story by Heidi Gerberich

DADDY DOULA: HUNTER Hunter was my Daddy Doula from the moment we started preparing for labour. He was thoughtful and articulate when it came to discussing what kind of birth we wanted and what his role would be. He coached

Gretta Free feature
Australian Birth Stories

Birth of Sharma – Story by Gretta Free

DADDY DOULA: NICK Nick was amazing in the preparation for our baby boy’s birth. He was so inspired by doing our She Births® course… During our pregnancy he would frequently offer to practice massage and acupressure, we often had birth

Australian Birth Stories

The Birth of Maggie

DADDY DOULA: JOHN My partner John was wonderful during the birth, but that was the easy part! He was great at using and remembering all the techniques we learned in the She Births® course. When I wasn’t able to think

MR Bith story feature
Australian Birth Stories

The Birth of Martin

DADDY DOULA: JULIEN Julien was the most amazing support during birth. At home I was on the fit ball most of the time. My favourite relief was the hip squeeze. I was sitting on the fit ball with the back

Lesley Butler feature
Australian Birth Stories

The Birth of Erin – Story by Lesley Butler

DADDY DOULA: ALAN I would like to nominate my husband Alan, my darling daughter’s daddy for the daddy doula awards. My husband and I have moved to Australia 5 years ago from Ireland and we do not have any family

The Birth of Maverick – Story by Maxine Roberts

DADDY DOULA: SHANE To say we had a beautiful birth experience would be a total understatement, I don’t think it could have gone any better especially considering Shane’s grandmother had passed away four days prior (she had tried so hard

Australian Birth Stories

The Birth of Edith – Story by Rebecca Fogg

DADDY DOULA: STU My husband Stu definitely found out how capable he was when he unexpectedly “caught” our baby daughter Edith when I gave birth on the way to hospital. I was 6 days over my due date. I had

She Births® Daddy Doula Stories | Shelley Little
Australian Birth Stories

The Birth of Alistair – Story by Shelley Little

DADDY DOULA: ADAM My partner and I prepared ourselves for birth very differently. I threw myself into the She Births® course and followed its suggestions rigorously. Whereas my partner approached the course information and the techniques we practised together with

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