Blog| Emma’s Beautiful Birth Story

For first-time mum Emma the birth of daughter Lucy went better than she could have expected. The secret of her success? Trust, planning, a great birth partner and – by her own admission – lots of luck 😊

Describe your birth experience in 3 words:

Peaceful, joyful, awe-inspiring.

When was your birth?

Our adorable daughter Lucy was born at 10:59am on 26th June 2018, 11 days past her due date.

Was it your first?

Lucy is our first. Like many people, I was accustomed to hearing scary medical tales and anecdotes about the painful and horrifying nature of birth. My mum gave birth to all three of her children by caesarean and lots of my friends have had really difficult times. I’m not sure how or when it happened exactly, but the idea of having a low-intervention vaginal birth became important to me.

The only problem was that in the past I have fainted when confronted with strong pain, so I wasn’t at all confident that I could do it. I discussed my fears with my wonderful midwife Tammy and asked her about antenatal classes that could help. She mentioned She Births among others, and Ina May Gaskin. I did some research and felt confident from the evidence base that She Births was right for me.

How did you prepare for birth?

My husband Edwin and I completed a She Births® course with Radha on one extremely hot weekend in March and we found it eye-opening and really quite transformational. The skills we learned and the knowledge we gained made so much sense and gave us a lot to talk about after the course was over. I also spent a lot of time reading through Rebecca Dekker’s Evidence Based Birth website.

I went on maternity leave at 34 weeks, and spent the next 2-3 weeks winding up work, catching up with friends and getting ready for baby. I love being at home, and as Edwin is at home too I got to spend all my time with him and our dog which was great. I read and reread Juju Sundin’s “Birth Skills” which a dear friend had given me, and then Edwin and I wrote a birth plan and a labour plan together.

I had been following a lot of the She Births® protocols already, which I really ramped up from 36 weeks onwards. I had been doing prenatal yoga and walking the dog by the beach – right up until the day Lucy was born. I was also meditating daily, doing the Full Birth Rehearsal, practising my relaxation response, using a Fit Ball, doing breathing techniques, acupressure, pelvic floor exercises, using an epi-no, eating six dates a day – the works!

Despite knowing that due dates are just rubbish estimates really, it was still pretty deflating when my due date came and went with no sign of bub. We ramped up the natural induction methods, but no luck. At 41 weeks pregnant I agreed to some tests and spent a stressful morning lying on a hospital bed with a CTG monitor strapped to my belly waiting for my unborn baby to stop moving so they could get a ‘baseline’ reading. I was stressed about being overdue and frightened by talk about risk factors and stillbirths.

Three hours and a few tears later I realised that baby wasn’t going to stop moving unless I rocked her to sleep, and I couldn’t do that while lying down. I got off the bed and swayed her to sleep within minutes. The hospital got the reading they wanted, we had confirmation that our baby was well, and we could go home. It was a valuable reminder that we could still take control, and I vowed to remember this during my labour, especially if things didn’t go to plan.

After that, we took a weekend to ourselves. We went out for lunch, got massages, drove down the coast and ate ice-cream on the beach. It helped us both to take our minds off the pregnancy and just relax. The next morning on our dog walk I saw a whale jumping out of the water in a spectacular breach just off the coast and although I don’t usually believe in these things I did wonder if it was a sign … I was feeling energetic and felt like walking for much longer than usual which made us think that maybe, just maybe, the baby was coming!

How did you bring your baby into the world?

Lucy was born by waterbirth. A few hours after that walk I noticed some blood and started to feel like a period was coming on. Finally! Those ten days between my due date passing and labour beginning had felt like an eternity. We prepared a few things and Edwin cooked me the most amazing lunch, and later dinner. I rested, meditated, listened to my labour playlist, watched some Netflix and went to bed early. At 1am I woke and realised I was having regular contractions, so I put on the TENS machine that I had hired. It was too uncomfortable to go back to bed so Eddie made a ‘nest’ of pillows, blankets and heat packs on the living room floor and I went between there and the bathroom for the rest of the morning.

Edwin massaged my hips, kept water, tea and heat packs coming and fed me coconuts (which I kept vomiting up). We had to switch to shards of ice to maintain my hydration. I felt the contractions in my back mainly, and they lasted around a minute or so each. One of the weirdest things was that I slept between contractions the whole time, right up until the pushing stage. I actually think that practising all the She Births® meditations put me in a state of self-hypnosis, as I knew that I should rest deeply between contractions, so I did. Edwin was amazed (he didn’t sleep at all …)

I was so happy to be in labour and instead of feeling the fear I had earlier expected, I felt calm and at peace. As each contraction came on, I would press the button on my TENS machine, take 3 blissful belly breaths until the contraction peaked, then one cleansing calming breath as it eased off.

I felt completely in control and had many other techniques in my arsenal that I didn’t get around to using (aromatherapy oils, movement, and stress balls, I’m looking at you!) I did still have moments of fear, but I used mindfulness to step back from those thoughts and remember that my body was doing exactly what it was meant to do.

At around 3am I was having 3 contractions every 10 minutes, so Edwin phoned the midwife on call, but she and I both thought the contractions weren’t very strong and that I probably still had a long time to go.

At around 7am my waters broke, so Edwin called again. I spoke with the midwife and again we decided that as I wasn’t in that much pain, I was calm and could talk through the contractions, I was probably still a while off and could stay at home a bit longer.

My sense of time was very warped during labour. Suddenly it was almost 10am and my body started pushing, all by itself!! At that moment Edwin said he saw fear in my eyes for the first time. Luckily we live quite close to the hospital so off we went, with me puffing away in the back seat of the car through two more pushes, trying to keep the baby in! I had realised that my labour was progressing well and I had been noticing signs of transition, but I was truly waiting for the ‘big’ pain to come. I thought that as a first-time mum I would probably have to keep labouring all day. Nope.

When we got to hospital I told Edwin that I was ok to go to the front desk to be admitted – hilarious! The lady at the desk took one look at me and said “You look like you’re in some discomfort, perhaps you’d like to go straight upstairs?” Which we did. When my midwife checked me in the birthing suite, I was already fully dilated of course.

I had one or two more pushes as I got settled in the birthing suite. It wasn’t at all like the conscious ‘urge to push’ that I was expecting, instead it all just happened by pure reflex. And although the pushes were freakishly intense, between them everything was still calm. I felt good!

It was all going much faster and better than I could have hoped for and I felt so strong and excited to meet my baby!  I got in the bathtub and only a minute later I was touching Lucy’s head, feeling her hair – incredible! Then there was another push and her head came out; then she twisted, and another push and she was in my arms. That moment was just indescribable…

We hadn’t even been at the birth centre for half an hour and here we had our Lucy with us at last. It was 11 days after her due date and she was a pretty big girl: 56 cms long, 3.94 kgs, 36 cm head circumference with a fabulous set of lungs. We couldn’t stop smiling, laughing, staring at her, and shaking our heads in awe.

Edwin cut the cord once it stopped pulsing, then he took Lucy in his arms and I had a physiological third stage. I’ve never felt so proud or so powerful. We were on a high for days later, there were no baby blues for us! We had already felt so connected to our daughter throughout the pregnancy, and the incredible birth experience just made our love for her even more concrete and strong. To say that I feel lucky is an understatement.

I had a slight second-degree tear and seriously, the stitching up of that was more painful than the birth … and don’t get me started on the pain of breastfeeding when my milk came in! But that all settled down within a week or so, and my recovery from the birth was fine. And we are completely in love with our gorgeous, vigorous, funny little girl.

Who supported you throughout the birth?

Edwin was my number one support. He was out of this world, so calm and completely on the ball with anticipating my needs. I really don’t know how women do it without supportive, composed and knowledgeable partners on hand. I was also lucky enough to get into a Midwifery Group Practice and my midwife and her colleagues were on the other end of the phone. For the actual birth, it was just me, Edwin and Tammy. There was a slight tinge of meconium immediately before Lucy’s birth and Tammy was concerned that she might be becoming distressed so another midwife hovered outside just in case.

What was the most challenging part of the birth?

Without a doubt, it was how far baby went past her due date. I was so keen to let my hormones do the work and avoid induction and the possibility of a cascade of intervention. Each day I had to try not to let myself worry again and again. It was hard to keep telling people that no, nothing had happened yet, and no, I wasn’t being induced. But then when labour actually started I was filled with such a sense of relief and happiness, which I’m sure helped the hormones along.

What most helped you through the birth experience?

The sense of utter safety and security I felt. Edwin knew exactly what to do to support me, the midwives were available by phone, and I didn’t have to think or decide anything as I knew they would do it for me. Everyone shared my goal of a ‘natural’ birth and the belief in stepping in only as medically indicated. All I had to do was breathe, push the button on my TENS machine, and listen to what my body was telling me. My labour was ‘safe, undisturbed and unobserved’ as we had discussed in the course.

Was there anything that surprised you on the day?

I was definitely surprised by how easily I slept between contractions, but the thing that surprised me the most was the pain. I was really waiting for the ‘big’ pain to come, the type of pain that would make me feel like I was being torn apart, that would make me lose control and would render my strategies useless, and for me it just never came… Don’t get me wrong, the contractions definitely hurt a lot and the pushing was a next level sensation, but I always felt secure in the fact that I knew what was happening and how to address it, and for me the pain was manageable. Pretty amazing, huh?

What has been the best post-birth care for you?

Having Edwin at home with me 24/7 has been the best. Caring for a newborn is more than a full-time job and it is so helpful to have him here for support, to share the parenting, the housework and the care of our fur baby. We took note of Radha’s discussion on taking a ‘golden month’ or at least spending five days in bed, five days on the bed, and five days around the bed post-birth. We didn’t stick to it completely but used it as a guide to take things easy and keep life quiet for the first month or so. We also got a chest freezer and filled it with a month’s worth of meals while I was still pregnant and that was a godsend when you need to eat well but you don’t have the time or the energy to plan and cook a meal!

Frederick’s Birth – Birthing was truly a phenomenal experience!

Dave and I welcomed our baby boy Frederick into the world on Thursday the 13th of October.

Birthing was truly a phenomenal experience! Our little dude was eager, arriving 10 days early on a 7.5 hour labour. Our midwife was super impressed as I arrived at the hospital fully dilated. I was able to birth little Freddie in the water and drug free.

Dave and I are both amazed by the whole experience and believe She Births helped us greatly leading up to and during the labour. Personally the visualisations were a powerful tool for me. I really feel they worked on so many levels. As my surges were growing stronger at home I could honestly feel and see in my minds eye my cervix opening.

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do.


Luna Joy’s Birth – VBAC creation

My daughter Luna – Joy arrived 21 days ago. My partner and I knew we would have a baby girl called Luna as we had been manifesting her creation since we met 18 months ago. We conceived over the super full moon in July 2014 and I birthed her at 38 weeks and 2 days, just after the lunar eclipse in April 2015.

I have a 6 year old son, Lael. His birth was really traumatic for me. My waters broke at 39 weeks on a Sunday night and I went into pre-labour but my body didn’t progress to active labour. I was told I had to be induced because he was now unprotected from infection. I was induced at 11am on a Tuesday morning after very little sleep since my waters has broken. My labour went rapidly into action. It was really intense with no break from contractions and I couldn’t have a water birth or move freely around the room as I have strapped to a machine. I spent most of the time lying on my back. I wanted a drug free natural labour but by 4pm I was in told I had to have an epidural because my son’s heartbeat was dangerously low and by 4.40pm he was born via an emergency C- Section.

I was completely smacked out on drugs, fatigued and exhausted after a 30 hour labour. I held my son briefly before they wheeled me away to recovery, I wanted to ask for skin on skin but I couldn’t communicate from all the drugs and I was vomiting.

I spent the next few days in the hospital trying to sleep but was so wired I was begging for valium. I was trying to learn how to breastfeed but was so sleep deprived this led to my son damaging my nipples and I would wince in pain every time I fed him for 10 weeks until they healed. I was trying to cope with the enormity of what had just happened. On day three in the hospital, I had a emotional breakdown as this what not the way I had envisaged my journey with motherhood would begin. I was told this is a normal reaction from all the hormones but I have not experienced this with the birth of my daughter. I was been feeling elated and flooded with ocytocine, the love hormone. It took me about a year to mentally “let go” and be at peace with my birth. I lost that euphoric moment when you meet your baby for the first time and once it is gone, it is a moment time that cannot be replaced.

Sadly the birth with my son was a catalyst for more sadness in my life because by the time my son was 2 years old, my marriage had broken down and I found myself a divorced single mother. I really struggled with motherhood and this lead me to become a yoga teacher and create my business. I now teach kids yoga, family yoga and run mindfulness retreats for mums.

Fast forward 4 years and I was adamant that this time I would have the birth I had always dreamed of. I knew from my previous experience what I didn’t want and that I could make this happen by making conscious choices that would allow me to have a natural birth. We had gone private with my son and his birth had ended up costing us thousands of dollars as all the emergency costs of the C-Section were not covered via medicare of our health insurance. During my labour most of the care I had was from the doctors in the public system so I knew that I would choose to go public this time.

I found out I was pregnant the day before we were about to head to Europe for 7 weeks. I am from the UK and my partner is from Finland so we were off to celebrate my brothers wedding and meet each others families. I spent the whole time sleeping and eating. By the time we got back to Sydney I almost missed having the NT scan as I was 13 weeks but we made it by 2 days. I tried to get into a midwifery group as wanted to have my birth in the birth centre, not in the hospital like before. However I was told they were fully booked so I had to do shared care with my doctor and the hospital.

When I went to my first hospital appointment I gave a copy of my book “Mother Om” to the manager and told her my story and she referred to an obstetrician that was very supportive of VBAC births but she was still unable to get me into the midwifery group at the birth centre. When I met my obstetrician I did the same, gave him a copy of my book and told me if I wanted a VBAC, I had to be in the birth centre. The thought of being in the hospital filled me with anxiety. He made the call and I was booked in the Lavender Midwifery group. I will thrilled. The care from the midwives was exceptional. I loved the birth centre which is like being at home but you are still next door to the delivery suite if needed. There are risks involved with a VBAC and the hospital policy stated that Luna’s heart rate had to be constantly monitored so I had to sign a waiver to say that I was aware of the risks but I wanted to be left alone as much as possible and birth in the birth centre, not the delivery suite. My obstetrician wrote a letter for me to give to the obstetrician on duty in case he wasn’t there. I felt really supported and nurtured by all the care I received which helped to reduce any anxiety I was feeling.

The next step in the process was to become educated on the process of having a natural birth and learn how my partner can be involved as much as possible with the birth.

We had been offered an antenatal course free of charge (normally $300) at the hospital because I had had anxiety in my second trimester and had received some counselling sessions. I had a lot of fear around having a child with another man when my last experience ended in divorce but I knew from my journey that it was better to process and clear this anxiety before the baby came than risk sinking into post natal depression. Having done the hospital course before with my son, my focus this time was on having a beautiful birth so we decided to do an independent birthing course.

I met Nadine when I was writing my book. I wanted a birthing expert to contribute by writing a meditation for the chapter “Buddha Bellies”. I knew Nadine’s work as I had heard incredible testimonials from friends and she is a well respected yoga teacher. We instantly became friends and there was no question in my mind that for me to have a natural birth I had to do her course. I completed the course at 30 weeks.

The course provided me and my partner with the tools to have a beautiful birth, no matter how it would unfold. We learnt acupressure points and the stages of labour. I listened to guided meditations every day and played my belly healing mantra. Jarkko was with me for every contraction. He held me, rocked me, he rubbed my back, he applied acupressure, he played music and whispered in my ear “you are amazing, you can do this, I love you”. I nicknamed him my “moula” (a male doula).

I knew Luna would come early. My son was away with his dad for a week over Easter and we wanted to harness the energy of the lunar eclipse which represents birth. I started to have acupuncture at 36 weeks as I had not been sleeping well and knew I needed more energy as birth is a marathon. On Good Friday I was up all night with regular Braxton Hicks, I knew this was my body preparing for labour so I had another acupuncture session to induce labour on Saturday. On Easter Sunday I had a sweep at the hospital at 3pm and went home watched movies and went to bed. I woke up at 1am with real contractions. By 2am I woke up my partner as they were 5 minutes apart. I called my midwife at 4am and by 6am I knew I had to go to the hospital.

We arrived at 6.30am and filled the bath. I was aware of what was happening around me but was in the “zone”. I was 5 cm dilated. The bath brought instant relief but the surges were getting stronger and stronger so I got out and began to move, rock and help my baby go down the birth canal. The pressure was intense and after 2 hours I was 7 cm and felt the urge to push. I wanted to ask for pain relief but I knew that if I had an epidural I would have to have a C-Section as you are not allowed any pain relief with a VBAC because you have to be able to feel sensations in case of any scar tissue being torn.

I began howling like a wild woman and I knew I was in transition stage. We re-filled the birth pool and the urge to push was extraordinary, however my cervix was not fully open so I was told to resist the urge. For the next 45 minutes I had to squeeze every muscle in my body to resist the urge to push which felt like a volcano was erupting down below. My mucus plug literally shot out like a bullet and I knew, finally I was ready. I listened to my body and after 2 pushes, Luna was born at 10am on Easter Monday.

It was the most incredible moment. She was just perfect and I was overcome with emotion. Jarkko was in the bath with me and we hugged and kissed and he cut the umbilical cord. We lie there for a long time with her on my skin. Because it was Easter Monday we were able to spend all day in the birthing centre having precious skin on skin time drinking tea and falling in love with each other. I had a second degree tear which had to be repaired so after that we put Luna on my chest and let her find my breast. It was so magical watching nature at work. She latched on beautifully. I spent 2 nights in the delivery suite as I had Strep B and they wanted to monitor Luna but I also wanted help with breastfeeding. Every time I breastfed, I called the midwife to help me with the attachment. Luna was thriving and after a week has retained her birth weight and has been gaining week each week since her birth. My nipples are not damaged and I love breastfeeding my baby girl.

At night in the hospital I tried to settle Luna in her crib but she cried every time I put her in there and then would settle as soon as she was with me. I called the midwife to ask if I could co-sleep. Again, I had a sign a waiver because of the risks involved. I had not had any drugs so this was a safe option for me and Luna to sleep peacefully next to me while I heard other newborns crying all night because they wanted to be close to their mother.

On Wednesday my son Lael came to the hospital and met his baby sister and we all went home together as a family. Since giving birth in such a magical way I have been so insanely in love with my partner. The birth of our daughter has allowed us to start our journey of parenthood together full of love and adoration for each other. I could not have birthed naturally without Jarkko’s love.

The conscious choices I made throughout my pregnancy gave me the birth I had always wanted and I believe every mother should have this right. I had to stand up against the system to have a VBAC. I am very grateful to all who cared for me and Luna as their support was essential for such a positive outcome. I feel empowered, connected and calm in my role as a mother and I am savouring every moment with my precious daughter.

Luca’s Birth – Even helpful during 3rd stage

Hi Nadine,

I wanted to share with you the birth of our beautiful baby Luca. He was born naturally in water at the birth centre. We had a fantastic and incredible experience and we would like to thank you for this. Without the She Births® course we wouldn’t have been able to achieve it.

I had a big bleed after delivering the placenta and unfortunately I had to be under observation and tomorrow we are finally leaving the hospital. The visualization and the breathing were incredibly helpful even during that stage.

Thank you so much for being such an inspiration.

Bibi and Davide

Oscar’s Birth – VBAC wisdom

Our first baby was born via emergency c-section in May 2012.  It was a case of me being naïve and undereducated and simply going along with what my private (and very expensive) obstetrician recommended. Intervention lead to more intervention and I had a really horrible time with my post birth recovery.  It was at least 4 months before I could get out of bed/a chair/the car or even climb the stairs in my own home without pain.  It wasn’t until almost halfway through my second pregnancy that I realised how traumatised I was from this first birth experience, and went through a difficult and stressful process of changing care providers from private obstetrician to public midwifery.  I hired a doula and enrolled in the She Births course.
My partner David and I really enjoyed learning from Nadine.  The information provided helped us secure the belief and knowledge within ourselves that my body could birth my baby.  Oscar was born in October 2014 via a beautiful drug free water birth, where I laboured for about 8 hours at home prior to arriving at the hospital in transition and just about ready to push, and bub was born 1.5 hours later.  Throughout the labour at home, I reminded myself of the positive affirmations in the SheBirths meditations – I thought of my cervix thinning and opening, the uterus contracting, my baby facing the right way and moving himself down, slowly stretching the skin and perineum.  Blissful belly breaths helped me get through each surge. Without the She Births course I wouldn’t have been as prepared or reassured that what was happening inside my body was exactly what my body was meant to be doing… it also allowed my husband to feel secure in how he could help during the labour.
Recovery has been so much easier this time round – I only had some external grazing and a small internal tear that didn’t require stitching.  This VBAC journey was so empowering and has given me a new found belief in myself and my body.  I highly recommend this birthing course so that you too can be well enough informed to be in the driver seat of your birth experience.  Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do it – YOU CAN… that your baby is too big to push out – FALSE… or that a c-section is easier/safer – NO!!!… you can birth your baby naturally!  Find care providers and surround yourself only with people that believe in you.


Amanda & David Bernstein

Miller’s Birth – A conversation in the mind creates an ideal birth

Dear Nadine,
I did it! Miller and I experienced my ideal birth. A 6 hour established labour, a tens machine, no drugs apart from a couple of Panadeine forte in pre-labour, a water birth, no tearing (a couple of grazes which already seem to have healed), an easy and quick exit of the placenta, NO FEAR, a lot of low, long breathing and primal moaning and she’s here! It really was amazing.
Jane and Dan were incredible. Kept me hydrated and positive and (literally) supported.
I would never have had this birth if it weren’t for She Births. Never. I don’t know why you would do it any other way.
Miller is healthy and happy and I’m up and about and feeling really well. We left the birth centre 4.5 hours  after her delivery.
The biggest thing was the fearlessness I think. There were times in transition when I thought ‘I can’t do this’ but I changed it to ‘I can do this’ and said it out loud repeatedly and I then believed I could. I was also moaning ‘open, soften’ the entire time. Also, she was posterior for a long time and swivelled around with some of the big final contractions. She was also the perfect size for me to birth: 2.84 kilos. She’s a bit sleepy and not that interested in feeding right now but I’m sure she’ll develop an appetite soon. She’s beautiful!
Really, thank you. All the preparation worked. It really did. I feel really proud of myself.
See you soon I hope.
Katrina R xxx

Aidan Kiyoshi Birth

Dearest Nadine…AIDAN KIYOSHI Hanselmann was born into this world in our home in a birthing pool @ 9.30pm 3rd August 2011…

ALOHA & THANKYOU so much for giving me the confidence to believe in myself and my body and the wonderful natural process that brings life into this world…
Having the birth at home was THE best experience ever and we are so grateful for SHE BIRTHS and all the knowledge and wisdom that you shared and empowered us with…Everything you taught – the breathing, the visualisations, the acupressure, knowing the different stages – made it feel that I had done this all before and knew exactly what I needed to do…(even our midwife said as much)
It was the most natural and magical beginning we could give Aidan and I’m sure it is reflected in his calm and peaceful nature and the happiness he brings into our lives …. I truly believe how we come into this world has such a bearing on our character, so what you do – what you share with us is truly a GIFT and I wish all parents who are walking their journey into birth & parenthood could learn all that you have to teach…
Teresa , Tom & Aidan

Owen’s Birth – the birth we visualised

Oh my goodness! I forgot to write and announce Owen Lito Posada’s entrance to the world. !!!

Second : our story. We were 13 days “overdue” and went to the birth centre for the induction conversation. I was almost 5cm dilated after a check and so the AMO said he was almost certain I would have bubs naturally by that night. He was right!!

We went home and about an hour later  my waters broke and labouring began. JP was with me (pushing on my lower back most of the time, and encouraging me all the way) and my mum and doula came over. I had contractions every 2-4 minutes for the next 5.5 hours. Being at home was great but the thought of a car ride to the hospital was daunting!

Owen was posterior so the time between contractions was difficult on my lower back. I had a bath which made me feel a bit of relief and then the bearing down sensation happened faster and my doula said we really needed to get to the hospital. Once we arrived at the hospital, jp filled the tub and Owen was born about 35 minutes later, JP caught him at 5:36pm on september 5 at 3.69kg.

it’s now almost 6 weeks later, and Owen is amazing and gorgeous and super cute and we are all doing well.

I thank She Births for helping us have the birth we had visualised.  I listened to Nadines words on my iPod daily and meditated and visualised. I thank JP for being an awesome birth partner too. Also having a doula was a great experience.

Anyway, that was us then – now it’s all new adventures with this gorgeous little soul. Lots of learning and love. Loving it!!

Love to all – hope all new families are doing well.
Love Natalie, John Paul and Owen xx

Viggo’s Birth – Avoid inductions and have faith

Hi Nadine,

Here is (finally ;-)) my birth story!

On 31 August at 1.30 AM our son Viggo was born! How happy and blessed we feel with this gorgeous little boy!

She Births was the best preparation for the delivery. It gave me faith in my body and in the whole process. It also inspired me to have a natural birth and not to be induced even though I was 12 days overdue. I now look back on a good delivery. (Pre)labour was heavy, as it lasted two days, but the actual delivery went very fast and smooth. I also had a water birth, exactly how I wanted it.

Thanks again for preparing me/us for the birth of our baby: we feel it helped a lot!

Love, Annekarien

Savannah’s Birth – The most intense and fulfilling experience of my life

Hello Wonderful She Birthers!

I trust you are all well & nearing the time when your little miracles arrive. How exciting for you all!

My birth experience was incredible & I want to say a BIG thank you Nadine & She Births for the education you provide & showing what’s possible for women & their partners in having the best birthing experience. It IS possible 🙂 Here is my little one Savannah Karina Murphy she is 25 days old & the love & light of my life.

Giving birth was the most intense and fulfilling experience of my life. My birthing team were remarkable and perfect.

Keep the vision of your birth in your heart and mind always. Mine was beyond what I thought it would be. Delivering Savannah myself was the highlight of my life.

Go forth & have the birth of your dreams!
with love & appreciation
Karina & Savannah xxxx