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What does a new model of healthcare look like?

How the medico-industrial complex impacts your birth with Dr Stu🎙️ (Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify) Hello, and thank you for joining me for today’s podcast. Whether you’re pregnant, you’ve got a baby in your arms or a child at school. Whether you are

Corrine twins birth story
Australian Birth Stories

One of the most RARE twins birth story ever – no epidural, double breech

Can you imagine pushing out your baby? And then pushing out another baby? How about dealing with fear-driven systems unskilled or unwilling to support your twins’ birth? Let alone two breech babies. Well @_corinneanne_ and her partner Andy dealt with

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My baby is in breech position

Communication with your caregiver about the position of your baby throughout pregnancy It’s really important that you’re in communication with your caregiver about the position of your baby throughout pregnancy. This often means checking with your OB or midwife at

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