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Birth Preparation Tips

My baby is in breech position

Communication with your caregiver about the position of your baby throughout pregnancy It’s really important that you’re in communication with your caregiver about the position of your baby throughout pregnancy. This often means checking with your OB or midwife at

Photo of small baby sleeping in a towel on a cushion.Photo by Bright Photography.
Birth Preparation Tips

Baby Language and Communication

One of our main jobs as a parent is to tend to our baby’s needs. Human mammals are highly co-dependent for a very long time. Unlike other mammals such as dogs, horses even whales and dolphins etc we are not


Hot holiday tips for pregnancy and beyond

From our family to yours over this holiday period, we hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time with your nearest and dearest. May this pause be bonding and enriching, filled with experiences and moments of connection, rest and joy.

Birth Story video by Amy blog
Australian Birth Stories

The Birth of Chloe told by Amy Johnson

Here at head office we are still changing birth one day at a time and I am crazy in love with our new all-female multi-generational birth story interview – showing two mums and two cousins sharing their own experience. Jay

when did birth daddies
Australian Birth Stories

Daddy Doula award 2020

4th Annual She Births® Daddy Doula Awards On September 6 2020, one supportive partner will be crowned the She Births® Daddy Doula* of the year! When Nadine created She Births® more than 12 years ago, one of her motivations was


An interview with Boody CEO and She Births® dad, Shaun Greenblo

We’re thrilled to announce that She Births® founder Nadine Richardson is now an official ambassador for the eco-friendly clothing brand, Boody! To celebrate, we caught up with Boody’s CEO, Shaun Greenblo, who also happens to be a She Births® dad.

3 Ways to Increase Your Fertility at Home by Rosie Matheson

Rosie is a passionate women’s health and wellbeing educator. Founder of Daughter of the Hive Rosie can be found regularly facilitating international Bliss Baby Yoga Pregnancy, Post-natal and Yoga for Fertility teacher Training Courses; attending births in her role as a


Celebrating International Day of the Midwife 2019

Happy International Day of the Midwife #IDM2019. Today, we acknowledge the wonderful and important role midwives play in both catching and helping us birth our babies. It is a true shame that not enough women get access to continuous midwifery


Blog| Nadine’s return to the motherland India

I just arrived home from a couple of weeks travelling around Tamil Nadu, the east coast state above Kerala in India. If you follow me on my instagram @nadine_shebirths you will have seen some photos of my trip. We thought it


Happy International Day of the Midwife!

Happy International Day of the Midwife to all the midwives, and the wonderful team of people that helped you birth your babies! Where would we be without our midwives? When I think about my beautiful midwife, it still brings tears


10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned as a Woman

Happy International Women’s Day to you and all our sisters around the world! At this time each year I like to reflect on how I have changed and what I am doing now, as a woman. To me being a

2017 highlights

2017 Reflections and Highlights

It has been such an exciting year for She Births®. And it has also been a big year of growth for Leroy and I. Here are some of the highlights from 2017 and my personal reflections… This year, we have


Navratri – Honouring the Divine Feminine (for men and women)

Oct 1st – 9th is Navratri, the Hindu festival of 9 nights dedicated to the glorification of the Divine feminine. For three days each, the goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are worshiped. It’s been a long time between blogs…things have

What is the most precious and spiritual journey in the world?

In my experience the most precious, sacred and most spiritual journey in the world is Motherhood 🙂 All based upon a profound attachment, deep loving, setting a few boundaries….and then lots and lots and lots of letting go. What do

christmas mums on bondi beach
Australian Birth Stories

Christmas Joy ~ Bondi Mums and Bubs

Thank you for sharing another year with me and with She Births®. I hope that your Christmas break brings you rest, joy, connection and deep peace. What more can we ask for in life but for our true nature to

nadine in india

My Top Ayurvedic Tips from India PK

I am back from my R & R adventure and have to say I am incredibly grateful for the experience, and to be home too 😉 India is an extraordinary country. It is quite hard to explain the dirt and

Whale Wisdom from Tonga

Aha moments from the South Pacific… I’ve decided to share a video blog with you this month. There is so much to share from our travels in Tonga and swimming with the whales…I would love to hold a retreat there

The Lucky Birthing Country | Online She Births® Course

After 2 months in the wonderful Northern Hemisphere I have to say that I’ve fallen completely in love with Europe! I never thought it would happen. I’ve always had a slight aversion to my homeland primarily because of the weather


I hope you are enjoying this amazing autumn weather. As we commemorate the great tragedies and courage of our ANZAC men today I wanted to also highlight some of the great traumas that our mums experienced over the same period

Letting Go…

I am not sure where you are at in the cycle of pregnancy and parenting but wherever you are I can bet, at some point, there has been some serious letting go! As we are now in a phase of

Inspiring VBAC story

I just came back from a beautiful Vietnamese dinner in Glebe with my mum. As I walked home, I realised I was walking up the very same hill that I marched up before every single HSC exam right near my

Who is really responsible for Conneticut

I hope you and your familiy are all well and safe – enjoying the holiday vibe growing and the great changes that are also taking place across our planet at the moment. I know Xmas is a time to pause

Lessons from Bali

I was out watching the sun rise this morning over Bondi Beach and wondering what else I need to implement in my daily life so that I can feel as good in Sydney as I do in Bali on holidays.

Supporting emerging groups…

I am traditionally not one to become political. I am a Gen-X Aussie – mostly I hold the attitude of ‘what’s the point’ and/or ‘she’ll be right’….But, there are some things worth getting a little noisy about…like same sex marriage

How to make your wishes come true…

This full moon on Friday at 4.39pm is the pinnacle of the Vedic or yogic calender, Guru Purnima. It’s a time to give thanks to the lineage of teachers that have taught us throughtout our lives, and that stretches all

Connection and Loss

Connection is simply another word for union or yoga! It really is the most important thing in life, in birth, in motherhood, in partnership etc…All this hoo haa in spiritual circles about detachment to me is seriously overrated!! How are

On Mother’s Day remember…

You exist here now because of a longing in one woman’s heart for a child. So long ago now, but not forgotten. You will continue to grow and share from that one longing and one love that she gave to

A quote to get you through…

Here’s a little quote I keep above my desk that I wanted to share with you…it’s from the very end of Mira Nair’s film, Kama Sutra and it’s stood by me through some big challenges in the past…gladly I haven’t

Testimonials from families around the world

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