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Ruby Challenger and her two children

Mum Life with Ruby Challenger

In our podcast today, we discuss media and the common birth/parenting culture with Ruby Challenger. Plus, look at what it’s really like studying or working as a mum in one of the most intense and male-led industries, film. (Subscribe on

Photo of small baby sleeping in a towel on a cushion.Photo by Bright Photography.
Birth Preparation Tips

Baby Language and Communication

One of our main jobs as a parent is to tend to our baby’s needs. Human mammals are highly co-dependent for a very long time. Unlike other mammals such as dogs, horses even whales and dolphins etc we are not


Hot holiday tips for pregnancy and beyond

From our family to yours over this holiday period, we hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time with your nearest and dearest. May this pause be bonding and enriching, filled with experiences and moments of connection, rest and joy.


10 Life Lessons I’ve Learned as a Woman

Happy International Women’s Day to you and all our sisters around the world! At this time each year I like to reflect on how I have changed and what I am doing now, as a woman. To me being a

What is the most precious and spiritual journey in the world?

In my experience the most precious, sacred and most spiritual journey in the world is Motherhood 🙂 All based upon a profound attachment, deep loving, setting a few boundaries….and then lots and lots and lots of letting go. What do

How to save your marriage post baby

Ain’t it the truth – the first year of your bub’s life is the greatest but also the toughest. Amazingly you get through the labour but find out pretty quick that it’s only the beginning. Although there is an absolute

What do you really need?

Just a quickie to support you wherever you are within the sacred cycle of pregnancy, birth and parenting. I’m only interested in what really makes a difference in life and touching as many hearts as possible. If you are on

Letting Go…

I am not sure where you are at in the cycle of pregnancy and parenting but wherever you are I can bet, at some point, there has been some serious letting go! As we are now in a phase of

The first year of motherhood

“The most difficult path of birth is the year afterwards…the growing surges of your heart as it pushes out selfishness and fear and makes room for sacrifice and love.”     Joy Kusek, LCCE We all know that the sleepless nights in

How to get more Sleep and Rest as a new parent

June Chai Gathering – Sleep and Rest The Top 5 Tips from the She Lives community are… 1. Sleep or rest during the day – if you can’t get to sleep for 20 minutes at least each day then at

A quote to get you through…

Here’s a little quote I keep above my desk that I wanted to share with you…it’s from the very end of Mira Nair’s film, Kama Sutra and it’s stood by me through some big challenges in the past…gladly I haven’t

Elimination Communication…made easy :)

What is it? Conscious infant toilet training where we learn to communicate with our babies about their peeing and pooing. It is not really tt because none of the conventional procedures need to happen because our child has learnt to

She Parents – Elimination communication

What is it? Conscious infant toilet training where we learn to communicate with our babies about their peeing and pooing. It is not really toilet training because none of the conventional procedures need to happen. Our child has learnt to

Synchronicity and practice

Dear all, Well, we got through the school holiday juggle. I did get sick of popcorn and lemonade at the movies but I really loved not having to be at school by 9am every morning and really enjoyed spending quality


WEB LAUNCH Well, its two years on and my baby, She Births, has finally ‘left the nest’, i.e. back page on the Dharma Shala website. She has finally moved ‘out of home’ and onto the World Wide Web. Have a

Testimonials from families around the world

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