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Navratri – Honouring the Divine Feminine (for men and women)

Oct 1st – 9th is Navratri, the Hindu festival of 9 nights dedicated to the glorification of the Divine feminine. For three days each, the goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati are worshiped. It’s been a long time between blogs…things have

Discover the mystery of pregnancy and childbirth for yourself!

Discover why everyone is so excited by our Better birthing methods Since I created She Births® many of you asked for a way to explore childbirth and the power of yoga, without becoming a full time She Births® Educator. And

Sunny with her husband and children sitting on a blanket in the garden
Australian Birth Stories

Two magical birth stories & my new Prenatal Yoga DVD is here

My husband Simon and I did She Births weekend course with the incredible Nadine Richardson in the lead-up to our first son Sunny’s birth, and I will be forever grateful to Nadine. Sunny was in the posterior position so I

Full Moon

Guru Purnima

Today I would like to give thanks for all my wonderful teachers – you my mums and dads… GURU PURNIMA – BATH IN THE BLUE MOON Today is actually the most auspicious day in the Vedic calender. It is yogic

underwater maternity sydney

Online Conferences | Yoga Australia Conferences | Underwater photos

If you’re having a baby, you’re a mummy with small kids or simply feel extremely PASSIONATE about birth, motherhood and YOGA like me then don’t miss these two fantastic conferences I’m speaking at in March. The first is an online

Ayurvedic Massage

As part of our She Births® community I thought that (those of you who live in Sydney) may like to know about a special friend of mine who is visiting and offering really well priced and amazing Ayurvedic massage treatments.

Never Underestimate the Power of Prenatal Yoga

It has always astounded me how sometimes the simplest and cheapest things available to women throughout their pregnancy can make the biggest differences. Just like that odd shaped pillow behind your back or between your legs at night. Or that

Our prenatal yoga in the new film YogaWoman!

After SOLD OUT screening’s in Europe and America…YogaWoman has returned home to Australian shores. Made by local filmmakers and yoga students, narrated by Academy Nominee, Annette Bening and featuring our Dharma Shala prenatal yoga classes plus an interview with me

How to make your wishes come true…

This full moon on Friday at 4.39pm is the pinnacle of the Vedic or yogic calender, Guru Purnima. It’s a time to give thanks to the lineage of teachers that have taught us throughtout our lives, and that stretches all

Mums n Bubs Yoga

The Post natal or Mums n Bubs classes have a steady flow of 10 – 12 Mum’s which is great. The classes run from 12pm – 1.15pm every Wednesday. For those Mum’s who have not made it to class or

Let your love hormones loose

Women are incredibly complex beings. Unlike men, with one primary hormone, testosterone, which you may have noticed is either up or down, women undulate through rhythms and cycles. We live in a delicate balance of oestrogen, progesterone and the best

Testimonials from families around the world

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