Britt Gavin – Certified Educator, Geelong

About Britt

My strong passion for the world of birth, pregnancy and women’s health started quite young, growing up in a family full of strong inspiring women. This passion led me to study midwifery straight out of school.  I very quickly feel in love with caring for women, their families and babies in the most important time in their lives.

I have always had an appreciation of modern medicine growing up with my mum who was an ICU/cardiac nurse but I’m also a big believer in nature being the best healer. I love the power of natural alternatives, preventative health, power of the mind and Eastern traditions like Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. I’m fascinated in the uniqueness and power of Mother Nature in birth. I have seen so many births and it still amazes me how every birth is so unique and the incredible power and resilience of the innate labouring women.

I worked as a midwifery group practice midwife for 4 years until I became a mum myself. I absolutely loved this continuity model of midwifery, I love supporting women and their family through what is the most special/important time in their lives. I strive to teach the woman I cared for about how important holistic birth and parenting knowledge is. I encouraged woman to be involved in their own pregnancy care by doing their own research and working with me too strive for the birth they desired. This often involved lots of pregnancy/birth educating and directing woman to holistic care like pregnancy yoga, optimising their diet, practicing birthing mindfulness and trusting their bodies in order to surrender to the power that is labor. I developed a great appreciation for the empowerment knowledge and education can bring in creating beautiful birth. I saw through these women an increase not only normal birth but also birth satisfaction and a decrease in birth trauma.

When I found She Births® I was pregnant myself and had a desire to start empowering woman through quality, evidenced based birth education. I was drawn to the course as it resinated my own values, beliefs and knowledge around birth. I had the incredible experience of using the course to empower my own birthing and motherhood journey which was so amazing and beautiful. I also currently base the She Births knowledge in my own parenting of my delightful daughter and life in general.

I now have the privilege and joy of sharing She Births, to help women in my community create their own unique beautiful birth experiences and parenthood journey. To give women the confidence to be involved in their own pregnancy care and decrease the ever increasing medicalisation of birth. I feel like I can share this beautiful course from the heart through my own midwifery, pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey.


“A huge, heartfelt thank you for the rich information you shared with us this past weekend and the warm, engaging manner in which you shared it. Doing the She Births® course with you as a facilitator made for a very special weekend which Andrew and I will treasure as beautiful memory from our pregnancy and parent journey. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I was uncharacteristically calm throughout the entire process and I truly attribute that to the new skills we learnt from you at She Births®.”Anna and Andrew

“Not sure I could ever find the words to express my thanks to you for all of your help and support in bringing our Zach into the world. It’s no small feat to have taken a couple who started out frankly terrified and clueless (respectively!) who left your course a very excited team, empowered to take on the labour ward! I was so grateful you were so forthcoming with your time and expertise when things became a little complicated. It was such fun to share the joy of the most perfect day I could have imagined (and only knew possible because of you!)” – Hannah and Matt

“We feel so lucky and blessed and feel the She Births® course gave us confidence with writing our birth plan and how we could respond to situations as they arose. It was an amazing experience!” – Rebecca and Wayne

“I She Birthed my way to a normal birth. Rob was totally amazing, giving great pain relief massages during every contraction. Thank you so much for everything, couldn’t have done it without that great Weekend Course!” – Nicole and Rob


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