Chauncey Sjostedt – Certified Educator, Vaucluse

About Chauncey

As a midwife working at the coalface of childbirth, I know how greatly needed the wisdom of She Births® is. All women deserve access to this mind-expanding information and these highly effective tools, which are all so necessary to help create a gentle and safe birth.

The many positive changes that can and should happen in the world of childbirth, to make birth truly woman and family-centered, will begin with women being well educated and demanding what they want. She Births® teaches women and their partners that having high expectations of birth should be the norm, and goes much further by offering up all the tools to make this possible.

I am thrilled to be teaching this illuminating course, bringing my passion for self empowerment through knowledge and my many years of experience working as a midwife to my role of She Births® Educator. She Births® has deeply enriched my practice as a midwife and I look forward to enriching your life.

Nothing compares to the feeling of witnessing a couple have a revelation about what is possible for their birth. Or to seeing a woman and a man, about to become a mother and a father feeling united and powerful because of the knowledge shared through She Births®.



CHAUNCEY IS AWESOME! I put off having a baby for as long as I could for a number of reasons, one of which was the sheer terror of labour. Doing She Births® with Chauncey did so much to set my mind at ease and I went into labour knowing what I could expect – I was pretty damned calm and armed with a set of techniques to cope with the pain.

The fact that Chauncey is a midwife was so great – we were able to ask all manner of questions that we were too flummoxed or put on the spot to remember at our Birth Centre appointments. She taught us the perfect mix of practical techniques and alternative approaches that we could consider as well – there’s no way we would have been able to find out everything on our own. Also, the paleo bliss balls she brought along were delicious, ask for the recipe – the ones I made were nowhere near as tasty. – Marcia and Jesse

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