Daddy Doula award 2019

On September 2019 one supportive partner will be crowned the She Births® Daddy Doula of the year!

When Nadine Richardson created She Births® 10 years ago, one of her motivations was to be able to skill up dads to be the support that the mums needed. It is now a huge deciding factor as to why couples choose She Births®. The term Daddy Doula came out of these amazing dads actively taking part in this the most important event in their lives, the birth of their child. Babies are co-created, co-birthed and co-parented.

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*As you know at She Births® we support marriage equality and respect the rights of all people regardless of sex, religion, age, gender, ability and lifestyle choice. And we recognise that it’s not always a ‘dad’ that helps mum through birth. Although we have named these awards the ‘Daddy Doula Awards’ please don’t let this discourage you from nominating your birth support partner. Birth is women’s business let’s be honest, so for most blokes, it is a big ask to get the courage and the skills up to be actively involved on the day. And for this we say a big THANK YOU!