Are you eligible for a free She Births® Weekend Course?

I am incredibly excited to share our latest news!

Over the last six months, She Births® has been working hard as part of HCF’s Catalyst Program. Today, we are proud to announce the launch of a ground-breaking collaboration with HCF – the HCF Funded She Births® Trial.

What does this mean?

She Births® is already the only scientifically verified childbirth education program in the world, proven to improve birth outcomes for mother and baby. This marks the first time in Australia that a private health insurance company has partnered with a childbirth education provider to offer an antenatal education trial.

We have clocked another first!

How does it work?

Super lucky HCF members (currently pregnant) with appropriate cover are now able to register into select She Births® Weekend Courses at our Eastern Suburbs and Northern Beaches venues in Sydney.

HCF couples will get the entire She Births® Weekend Course absolutely FREE (including our extensive Online Resources and 100+ page book). That’s right, all for FREE!

So, tell your friends today and jump online here to find out more and register. You’ll need to be quick, as places are strictly limited.

HCF will collect data on the couples who register to determine whether She Births® can improve outcomes for mothers and babies and increase maternal satisfaction levels.

Why does it matter?

The research that was published in the British Medical Journal about She Births® in July last year was based on a trial of 176 couples within the public system – half of them completed the standard hospital education program and the other half were lucky enough to get She Births®. The results speak for themselves.

This HCF Funded She Births® Trial, however, will be primarily measured within the private hospital system – and we’re excited to see how our 120 She Births® couples compare. Not only are we hoping to achieve improvements in birth outcomes for mums and bubs, but we will also take into account measurements of emotional wellbeing.

I have been humbled by the hard work from both my team and the HCF crew. We have all put in so much effort, going above and beyond to bring this to fruition. It’s so good to remember that even big corporations are made up of individuals – so many of them champions working together, like us, to make birth better around the world.

The vision of The Birthing Institute is to make She Births® accessible to every family around the world.

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I’m off to buy some celebratory kombucha (possibly champagne too!). Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and be in touch if you need anything or have ideas or births to share. Donne is our new head of customer service and administration and can  answer any questions regarding the HCF Funded She Births® Trial, and Anna our marketing manager loves to receive all your birth stories.

Love and gratitude,
Nadine xxx

Photo by Bree Downes, She Births® Educator, Doula and Birth Photographer