Empowering birth of baby Alessio

Hi Radha/Nadine,

Hope you are both well and enjoying your weekend.
I wanted to share my birth story with you and also the short video I created of our special day

I attended the She Births course on the 18th Jan 2020 with Radha, I was 24 weeks pregnant at the time. My husband and I both enjoyed the course and were inspired to implement as many tools as possible.

I exercised throughout my pregnancy, saw a women’s health physio and ate healthy with lots of greens from our garden, beans, protein and whole grains.
When I was 34 weeks pregnant I cut out wheat and limited refined sugar. Then I started taking raspberry leaf tablets as directed by my OB. I ate between 60-80g of dates and drank plenty of coconut water. I would go for daily walks right up until 39 weeks and my sister made the eggplant parmigiana before i went into early labour. I purchased the epi-no and began using it form 36 weeks and go to 9cm. I also practised at home yoga stretching most mornings.

Friday 1st May I ate the eggplant parmigiana. My due date was Wednesday 6th May 2020. Early Saturday morning the 2nd May I started getting period like pains and braxton hicks. Sunday 3rd May more contractions at night then the bloody show. Monday morning 5th May I was getting contractions 15 mins apart and more of the bloody show. Throughout the day contractions got closer together but were not painful. At 5 pm the contractions got to about 8 mins apart so my husband and I had some pasta, 2 panadol and a glass of wine.

We played music, watched some movies and I could not sit down I was pacing up and down. My contractions so to about 4 mins apart by 8 pm and my husband was doing the acupressure points and the rebozo sifting. I started to get more of a show and the contractions were unbearable when they were happening but then I felt 100% in between them. At 9.45 pm we decided to go to the hospital because I felt pressure lower down, had more of a show and the contractions were really strong.

In the car I had my playlist going and I sat in the back seat with a doughnut cushion. When we got to the hospital a midwife greeted us and took us to our room. When she checked me I was 8cm dilated! YAY! My waters still hadn’t broken yet.

They hooked me up to some wireless monitors and I got onto the bed on all fours with the back of the bed upright so I could hug it. My OB arrived and at that moment I felt the urge to push. It was about 11.10 pm at this stage.

As I was pushing my waters broke. I was screaming as I was pushing so my midwife whispered to me that I should channel the scream to a push. My husband Anthony was standing side by side with my OB and assisted in delivering the baby.

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Alessio at 11.35 pm on the 5th of May 2020. It was only my OB, the midwife and my husband in the room which was so intimate. I did not need any stitches, I had a small graze only. The placenta just slid out with no need to push or have any injections and the only pain relief I had was the glass of wine and 2 panadol at 5 pm.

Alessio latched onto my breast after birth and my milk came in on day 2.

I am so proud of the birth and I wanted to thank She Births for empowering me with the knowledge to understand, question and have peace of mind throughout the birth.

Lots of love,