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Our figures, published in the British Medical Journal, July 2016, show that it really DOES matter what you choose and how you are informed when preparing to have your baby. When compared to those who received standard hospital education, our She Births® couples experienced:


65% reduction in epidural rates (29% vs 68.7%)


44% reduction in caesarean sections (18.2% vs 32.5%)


50% reduction in medical augmentation using artificial means (28.4% vs 57.8%)


53% reduction in the resuscitation of babies with oxygen and/or bag a mask (13.6% vs 28.9%)


There was also a 12% reduction in perineal trauma (84.7% vs 96.4%).


Overall a 44% increase in natural vaginal births was found using the unique She Births® education program.

They also experienced shorter labours, particularly second stage (pushing) by a mean of 32 minutes.

She Births® is holistic, comprehensive, evidence-based, partner inclusive and scientifically-verified program.

I’ve spent over a fifteen years researching and developing a unique program that guarantees to help you have a better, safer and beautiful birth.  

Register now to learn more about how you can create a better birth through the She Births® education. 

Our free videos cover active birthing, how breathing techniques are applied in labour, how labour really begins, what a doula actually does, how to set up the birthing room, baby led attachment, top tips for breastfeeding and more. 

Experience our visualisations, hear from a She Births® family and watch an actual birth! There is even our new downloadable Visual Birth Plan to use. Nadine xxx

What’s inside the FREE Preview


 Visualisations| Start with two amazing Visualisations to get you relaxed and connected with your baby and centred in mind and body.


 Video Lessons | Here we teach about Uterine layers, Breathing techniques, Labour stages, Doula support, Setting up for Birth at home or hospital, Baby led attachment and Breastfeeding tips


 Birth Story Videos | Watch beautiful birth stories from She Births® mums and dads sharing their birthing experiences, learn more about your options and go from feeling anxious to amazing.

What’s inside the Intro Course

The Intro Course gives you access to the first module of the She Births® Program.

Valued at $99 AUD – try today for only $39 AUD.

Gain insight into the foundations, hormones and principals that are important when creating a better birth experience.

Plus upgrade to the Full Online Course with the $39 discounted off if you love this course and want to find out more. 

We cover everything you need to know about the birth process and how you and your partner can work together as a team by using active birthing, yoga, massage, acupressure, breathing, relaxation techniques and more, to reduce pain and achieve a safer and faster delivery. We also discuss nutrition and ways to prepare your body inside and out for an optimal birth.

In Module One you access videos and tutorials on the anatomy, physiology & hormonal orchestration of birth. Learn to build the mindset and set your intention for a beautiful birth experience. You can view over 100 hours of videos that include transforming fear and previous she Births® families experiences with active birth. We start to explore yoga and the connection it can bring to your birth experience, and you also can access She Births® forum and Q&A sessions with Founder, Nadine Richardson.

She Births® is the only scientifically verified and most comprehensive childbirth education program in the world – providing you and your partner with a toolkit of skills to support you through pregnancy, labour and your journey into parenthood.

We even have a free She Births® App that will ‘work with you’ anytime, any where, even in the labour room!



Module One of the Full Online Course | Learn the anatomy, physiology & hormonal orchestration of birth. Build the mindset & set your intention for a beautiful birth experience.


BONUS: Enrich your learning with regular visualisations and videos to watch | Visualisations will change your day, your sleep and your birth, Videos showing close ups on the hot spots you need to find for the best massage ever, Positive Birth Story Videos, actual births at Home & Hospital to show what really happens.


PLUS: A lifetime of access & support with our founder & tribe| Private Forums, Expert Interviews & chat with founder, Nadine Richardson

FREE video: Main Principals of She Births®


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She Births® was without a doubt the best investment I made for my pregnancy and birth. My partner and I did the online course which really worked for us as we could watch it on our smart TV in the comfort of our home, pause and discuss, take notes and practice the massages etc. at our own pace. The whole experience surpassed our expectations and the knowledge we gained really empowered and connected us. By the time we were finished the course, we felt genuinely prepared and excited for the birth of our child.

It’s crazy to think that prior to doing the course, I had probably spent more time researching prams and car seats rather than learning about how to actually bring my baby into this world! I truly believe that the combination of She Births® course, the visualisations provided by the course, Antenatal yoga (with Nadine Richardson in Bondi) and an amazing Ayurvedic massage the day before I was induced gave me the toolkit I needed to have the drug free, speedy birth I had hoped for. Don’t get me wrong, nothing went to plan and it was intense and insane but understanding the process and feeling in tune with my body helped me to feel as in control and calm as I could have hoped for. It was a truly transformative experience and I know that She Births® played a vital role in that.

I still use the visualisations to ground and calm myself during trying times (baby screaming in your face at 3am anyone?!) and when my bub was 2 weeks old I joined a Soul Mama Circle (another initiative by Nadine). That group of like-minded women continue to nourish me on my journey through motherhood.

Thank you Nadine for developing this amazing course, for the yoga, for the Soul Mama Circles – you really are enriching lives and making generations of women (and men!) stronger and more conscious through your work. xx – Ruthy Carnac

I am 100% certain that the course helped me relax during labour, which in turn meant I had an incredible (and short) 5-hour active labour.

When I went into labour, I was as calm as could be. I was prepared and knew exactly how to manage my contractions. I found the whole experience empowering, and I have the She Births Online Program to thank for that. Even when I was in the incredibly painful transition phase (which I knew all about thanks to the course), I was able to recognise it and use the breathing techniques to help me through it.

Thank you, Nadine and the whole team at She Births®.

Erika Lamour
Infant Sleep Consultant, The Sleep Dept.

From the guy who had once boldly told the doctors we’d “take all the drugs” my partner, Phil, suddenly became the calm, strong support I needed during labor. But the other unexpected upside was this: we became closer as a couple. As we sat there each night, doing an hour of the course here and there, we would pause and discuss what we’d just heard. It became a bonding experience, and I went into my birth feeling like we were doing this as a team. I was definitely not alone.

I won’t do the entire course justice but I will say this: it came at a time when I needed it, and it gave me a new perspective on labour, one that made me say almost immediately after giving birth that I wanted to do it again (and no, I wasn’t high on drugs). Seriously. 

Sarah Tarca
Writer, The Wayward

The great thing about doing the She Births® Online Course is that we could do it at our own pace. We could go back over any areas whenever we needed, engage via the Facebook Forum and Nadine was there to answer questions as we went along.

Kimmy Smith
The Fit Mummy Project

When is the best time to start?
We recommend beginning your program between 22-36 weeks gestation.
Do I need to attend the hospital antenatal course too?
Most of our families only complete our program and get amazing results. Although, we do recommend taking a tour of your hospital before the big day.
How long will I have access to the Online Program content for?
Course content will be available to you for 12 months. Not only can you prepare for the birth of your baby, but you’ll be able to review our breastfeeding and parenting content in those early days after birth.
I'm still undecided, can I talk to a human?
Of course you can! From Australia, call 1300 101 SHE (743) during business hours. For international calls or calls outside of business hours, email [email protected].
How is the Online Program different to the Weekend Course?

Our Full Online Program has all the wisdom and experience Nadine has gathered and shared over 20 years. You will be able to undergo the same transformative process, but it can be done in your own time, at home.

Where can I find info on your face-to-face Weekend Courses?
Is the Online Program as effective as the Weekend Courses?

For some, it is actually more effective. They can review content as many times as they need, there are also forums with Nadine each week that will allow you to ask any questions that may arise during your pregnancy.


We understand that people are consuming information is different ways, so we built our own pregnancy companion App to make learning even more accessible.

We are not only available in person but also in your pocket.

If you are not ready to purchase our full Online Program then check out our Free Stuff via the App.

Or register for our $39 Intro Course (valued at $99) then upgrade any time you like, just by paying the difference.

Here’s a one minute video to show you around:

“Giving birth is like running a marathon in your body, while walking a labyrinth in your mind. 

Nadine Richardson, Founder of She Births® 

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