Gemma McGuigan

It is such a privilege to share this knowledge and such an honour to be around couples at this special time in their life!

I know that teaching She Births® is having a positive effect on birth and is such important work for our future societies and our world.

It’s pretty amazing to see the union that grows between couples and the big transformation when it happens in the course.

She Births® has given me such a platform to transform in regards to own births and I feel excited about sharing the course with women and allowing them to regain their confidence in birth and their amazing bodies.

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Xavier’s Birth – Phil & Emma Whitehouse

My husband, Phil and I decided to do the She Births course when I was pregnant. And, it was the best thing we ever could have done to prepare for the arrival of our baby boy Xavier.

I went from being fearful and anxious of labour and birth, to being excited and truly looking forward to the experience. It was a real turning point for me and further cemented the partnership my husband and I wanted during our pregnancy and birth experience.

Gemma is such a wonderful teacher, so understanding, so kind, and lots of fun. My husband and I loved her open way of teaching us about what lay ahead. Her honesty was refreshing and invaluable.

The holistic nature of the course is something I haven’t seen in other courses too, it really benefited us to use this knowledge in parenting Xavier in those early weeks.

We’ll never forget what Gemma taught us and the strength she gave us to welcome Xavier into the world in the best possible way.

We didn’t have the natural home pool birth we had planned for. We had lots of complications and went into hospital – it could have been a total catastrophe of stress and nerves, but we stayed true to all the skills and state of mind Gemma taught us, and we got through it – staying completely calm throughout.

Xavier is now 8 months old. He’s a gorgeous little wriggler with bags of love, smiles and energy!

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