Your Birth Rights Are Not In Lockdown | Annalee Atia

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The She Births Show:

Your Birth Rights Are Not In Lockdown with Annalee Atia.

Over this pandemic particularly – our second lockdown – people have become more aware of their rights, mainly in regards to having support people at their birth. Annalee Atia joins us to help explain the context and history of maternity care in Australia and how we compare globally. Annalee works through the nonprofit community-centric organisation Pregnancy Birth and Beyond Media to help bring about positive change in the healthcare system for families. We talk about many factors that influence our healthcare and policies.

We discuss what informed consent actually is.

A Queensland study of over 3500+ women surveyed showed that only 48% of women who had a planned caesarean section were informed and had consented to have their procedure and 26% of women were not informed or consented to their episiotomies.

In this episode we chat about:

  • the wonderful unpaid work women do
  • the lack of feedback
  • what type of data is important in decision making
  • induction of labour
  • the need for responsive dynamic systems
  • the disparities of choices available to women
  • PLUS, what this all means to you at the end of the day.

The truth is that no one is legally responsible for your birth except for you.

Episode resources:

PBB Media & Informed Consent Informed consent fact sheet Informed consent for clinicians Human Rights In Childbirth Moral Foundations Theory

Maternity Choices 

Annalee Atia

Listen Now:

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