Michelle Seaton Witte

As an IVF mum, the birth of my baby was the last big hurdle I had to get over. I could hardly believe that I was pregnant, let alone going to be holding my precious baby in my arms at last.

Because of my numerous miscarriages and all the medical intervention to get pregnant, I really wanted a more ‘natural’ birth but have to admit I was nervous.

By doing the She Births® childbirth education course I found the confidence I needed to connect with my baby and began to deeply trust in my body again. She Births® enabled me to have an empowering and beautiful birth experience. The course and the actual birth were healing for me and my partner and also, happened to be completely ‘natural’.

It then became my life`s path to support other couples in creating their own unique and empowering birth experiences. I love helping new mums and dads access the inner resources and strength they need as they birth themselves in to the best parent they can be.

Childbirth is unique for everyone, as is conception and pregnancy. She Births® restores the essential confidence in couples through knowledge and evidence-based tools.

She Births® will allow you to make the best decisions for your body and your baby.

Course Dates for 2016 with Michelle: September 24th/25th, October 24th/ 25th, November 5th/ 6th, December 10th/ 11th

Course Dates for 2017 with Michelle: Jan 21/22, March 4/5, April 22/23

Please contact me at [email protected]  or visit www.michelleseatonwitte.com

Michelle teaches both group and private courses in her own space in Zurich Switzerland. She is also available for birth mentoring sessions. You are welcome to organise a course in your own home. Please contact Michelle to discuss any questions or to arrange times that suit you.

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