Nadine O’Mara

I have a deep passion for supporting women and their families as they journey into parenthood.

Beyond the She Births® Weekend Courses I run in Manly on the Northern Beaches, I offer birth support as a doula, and teach pregnancy yoga classes and very precious mother & baby yoga classes.

When I fell pregnant with my first baby I was encouraged by my mother in law, obstetrician Prof. Wendy Savage, to give birth at home. As a yoga teacher and long-term practitioner of yoga, I used pregnancy yoga, active birth techniques and a birth education course as my main forms of preparation for birth. I found that during pregnancy I learnt to breathe properly for the first time in my life and the yoga helped me to enjoy my pregnancy, alleviating discomfort and helping find emotional clarity in readiness for birth. I gave birth to my first daughter in water and experienced a deep sense of empowerment.

My second daughter was a very similar experience and I believe that my preparation was key to experiencing two beautiful births.

It was this positive experience of birth that inspired me to want to help women and their partners achieve a similarly fulfilling experience, wherever they choose to give birth.

I believe that making conscious decisions as parents significantly improves your family’s quality of life – from choices that are made for baby in utero, through to birth and beyond. Often during pregnancy, the wealth of information can be overwhelming. Through She Births® I aim to make sense of the options that are available to you.

She Births® provides the most well rounded, complete preparation for birth, and I look forward to sharing it with you to help you create a beautiful birth experience, no matter what unfolds.

If you have any questions please contact me: [email protected]

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