Birth is one day in your life but it is a day like no other!

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blog 11-9-20

Birth is one day in your life but it is a day like no other. It is not an everyday event for your body to go through. It is not an ordinary event for your mind to comprehend. It is a miracle that changes you physically, mentally and spiritually.

Sometimes we feel humbled, shaken and confronted by our experience. Moments of labour may replay in our mind over and over in the first few weeks and while it’s unsettling this is a normal part of making sense of the experience. Like any life-changing event, birth can take time to integrate.

Did you know a woman needs to tell her birth story at least 10 times to understand and process it? If our stories remain unprocessed they can sit activated in our system and be experienced as trauma rather than the unprocessed birth stories that they are.

How many women feel unresolved about their birth and haven’t had the opportunity to share their story with someone who really listens, helps them understand what was happening and honours what it meant for them?

There is no research specifically looking at the prevention of birth trauma – we do however have the Cochrane review that tells us that there are higher maternal satisfaction rates and reduced negative feelings about childbirth when there is continuous support from a female caregiver such as a doula.

Doulas offer pre and postnatal education and support which can help you prepare beforehand and help you understand why your birth happened the way it did. Doulas also tend to the labouring woman’s needs honouring her preferences, buffering the impact of the system with encouragement and unconditional positive regard and holding everyone accountable simply by witnessing what is happening and ensuring there is informed consent.

She Births® is a doula created antenatal education course and draws on the doula philosophy. We are scientifically verified, research-based and founded in traditional wisdom. We provide ongoing support from prenatal education to postpartum community groups. 98% of She Births® mums describe their birth as beautiful no matter what unfolded.

There is a big difference between finding the loving space to digest our birth and giving it time and feeling traumatised and often confused years later. The continuity of care via our Soul Mama Circle and our Doula Service is key.

To find out more about what course options will suit you no matter where you are located check out our Weekend courses here.

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