? A Video Message from Nadine in these uncertain times ?

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Now more than ever we need to understand that we are all in this together.

We are all travelling on the same little cruise ship called planet Earth!

I hope you are finding access to your stillness in this crazy time.

Keeping yourself and your family, community and the whole planet safe. #flattenningthecurve

I hope that your boundaries and flexibility muscles are working hard as you bunker down together at home and ride the waves of joy and stress.

Please remember the principles of a beautiful birth and life come down to your faith, relaxation and pleasure.

There is always a choice when we feel fear. Use it and be proactive.

Notice the tension and resistance then let it go.

Notice the discomfort or even grief and practice gratitude for all you have, then you will find the joy.

An opportunity exists for us all right now to come back home to ourselves, back to our hearts, back to our humanity and back to a new vision for our world.

We want to support you even more.

I’ll hold regular Grounding and Support Sessions in our Facebook Forum. The first one is tomorrow, Friday at 12pm AEST. I look forward to seeing you there.

Our Weekend Courses are now Live Virtual Interactive via Zoom.
And our Online Course is and has been here for you to learn anytime and anywhere.

Xxx Nadine

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