Addicted to inspiration

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addicted to inspiration

1: the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions
2: the act of breathing, specifically inhalation

I have an addiction to podcasts… but really I think I am addicted to inspiration! It is a great thing – because I just love learning and it never has to stop right, no matter how old we get.

Our She Births® Courses and the She Births® Show is exactly about providing you with inspiration. How can we learn and discover new things or ideas if we are not feeling inspired?

To be moved internally or to shift an old idea or belief is one of the greatest gifts we have as conscious human beings and one of the greatest gifts we can give to one another. These three women, Peta Kelly, Zoe Naylor and Kate Wood who joined me on stage at the inaugural She Births® Show last year did exactly that for me and so many others.

I have spent so much time developing and refining curriculum and training modules that I had forgotten how critical the care and love felt during our birthing experience really is. It makes me incredibly sad to hear that some women do not feel truly held and understood throughout their pregnancy and birthing journey. These women managed to turn around two traumatic births and have 3 fantastic experiences but it was because they demanded high quality love and care and respect for their birth and themselves. And for that I take my hat off to them.


Our last She Births® Show was such a powerful event, and we’re getting ready to do more. Do you have a mum you’d like to hear speak at our next one? Let us know!

Edited by Dominika Ferenz at IKON Films/music by the Kahn Brothers – Stronger Together


In case you missed it on Facebook / Instagram check out these super cool mums over in LA. I had the pleasure of meeting Amber and Jenna, and recording a podcast with them and it was so much fun… and inspiring! Not only are they running around after their cute little rugrats but they decided they were not going to become stay at home ‘forgotten women’. Just because I am a mum now why do I have to stop doing creative and world changing things? They are #raisingrevolutionaries which is their priority, as it is always mine too, but we are still a part of worldly conversations and can help make the world a better place. Yippee for the Mother Loving Future!

Love and gratitude,
Nadine xxx

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