Alexx Stuart’s Easy Tips To Protect Your Family From Harmful Toxins

We talk a lot about nature at She Births®. Nature’s beauty, the natural way things are orchestrated for birth and bonding, as well as its own supreme intelligence and inner nature.

But what happens when outer nature – the world around us – changes dramatically? When the world we live in is no longer recognisable by our internal systems? What can possibly go wrong? In the wise words of our wonderful podcast guest Alexx Stuart…a lot, unless we make better choices to support our health.

“When the human body was designed, it was designed for the natural world in all its processes and interactions. We’ve made so much wonderful progress in so many areas that make our lives so fun and fabulous, but we’ve made a lot of so-called progress that our human bodies simply weren’t designed for – from the additives in our food, to the synthetic inputs in our farming methods, to our personal care and cleaning product preservatives and activators, not to mention the synthetic fragrances containing endocrine disruptors…

Add to that microplastic dust we breathe in all day every day from the synthetic fibres we wear or adorn our home with, from furnishings, more humidity inside from poorly built buildings and on and on, not to mention pollution from fossil fuel-powered vehicles!

We’re always told by holistic therapy naysayers “You don’t need to detox, that’s what the liver is for” yet the liver, magnificent in its design, was not designed for all that has been created in the past couple of hundred years.

We need to know what the chief environmental concerns are and how to reduce them in our lives to give our bodies the chance to perform optimally – we’re suffering in so many ways, fertility being one major way and it’s time to develop literacy and a plan for environmental toxin lowering.” Alexx Stuart

Alexx Stuart is one of the most intelligent women I know. She is the author of “Low Tox Life” and founder of a thriving online education hub by the same name.

She’s an educator and change agent – a TEDx speaker and committed to making a healthier and happier planet for all. Especially like us, she is deeply passionate about helping families.

In our podcast we discuss Alexx’s story and why she created Lox Tox Life and how you can make the best choices for your family.

We discuss the current fertility crisis, the effects of gluten, mould, dust and bacteria. Simple wifi rules and clothing choices you can make. What pillows and water is best for you and even the importance of contacting your local councils and schools regarding play and learning areas for our kids.

Alexx has a fabulous fragrance box challenge plus tips on choosing Xmas gifts and more. Most importantly she has the key to not getting overwhelmed in the process!

You can sign up for her amazing e-courses through our new She Births® SHOP.

People always ask me what do I recommend for support and further learning, especially after giving birth.

To make it easy we are now growing a special area on the site with discounts for our community to all your favourite things. Just go to shebirths.com/shop and choose the way you want to continue learning.

Make sure you use the code SHELOWTOX20 to get 20% off Alexx’s courses.

I hope you enjoy low tox living and Alexx’s wisdom.

X Nadine

If you missed our last blog – check out our new easy to upload birth story and testimonial fundraiser page here.




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