Does She Births® focus on the fourth trimester as well as the pregnancy? If so, how significant is this?

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Nadine Richardson with couple at She Births Weekend Course. Photo by Raquel Pires

The fourth trimester is an incredibly important part of our family journey

In yoga it is believed that the 40 days of resting postpartum sets us up for the next 40 years of health. In chinese medicine they believe in having a ‘golden moon’ / month of rest, nourishment and rebuilding of the mother’s qi (energy) after birth

In the simplest way this time is about learning who your baby is and understanding their cries, their needs and your breastfeeding dialogue. It is also about letting your own body recover fully; focusing on sleep, nutrition, milk supply, hormone balancing and allowing the body to contract, literally come back together. Staying at home and keeping your child indoors with you, keeping life simple and keeping them held close to you, not being passed around to lots of visitors will also protect your child’s sensitive and developing nervous system from over stimulation and major disruptors like colic.

Image: Nadine Richardson with couple at She Births Weekend Course. Photo by Raquel Pires


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