Well, its two years on and my baby, She Births, has finally ‘left the nest’, i.e. back page on the Dharma Shala website. She has finally moved ‘out of home’ and onto the World Wide Web. Have a look at shebirths.com.au and stay tuned because there’s plenty more to come with video and links etc.
I would love you all to come, celebrate and mingle at our inaugural chai gathering ~ Tuesday 7th Sept, 10-11.30am at Porch and Parlour Cafe, 100 Brighton Blvd, North Bondi.
Thank you to so many people for your support, encouragement, creativity and of course your births and sharing your stories. Please keep sending them in and we will find room for more on the blog. Yes, I have officially started a blog too. Seeing as my 8 year old son even has one! Our blog and facebook page will give support to our ever-expanding community.
I would really like to thank not only the women, but three very amazing men who have supported me so much. Through their work they also encourage numerous women to shine; Rick Barnsdale at The Dharma Shala, Gary Gorrow at The Subtle Science and Mike Britton at Evolution to Wellbeing. I couldn’t have done it without you!
There has been a lot of contention in the media lately about how easy / hard parenthood can be. I personally think that it’s great to start balancing out the scales a bit. The media and some very busy blogs out there seem to dwell so much on the dramas, stress and negatives of motherhood. Please do not feel excluded by this conversation if you are presently being challenged in any way but I truly reckon its about time we started to spread some more of the love out there. (As I write this Leroy is calling out for yet another bedtime story and creeping into my bed…grrrr)
So, here is what I love about motherhood and what has amazed me on this journey…
The very moment Leroy was born I think I experienced true silence for the first time and for that, I am eternally grateful.
And, I discovered then what intuition was. He wasn’t breathing for a long time but I just knew that he was absolutely fine…in the way that only a mother knows.
I still stroke his velvety cheek with the back of my fingers every day, the exact same way I did when he lay there cradled into my side and we looked into each others eyes that very first time.
He opened my heart and I didn’t know I could love so much.
I am amazed when we were potty training, at how I could intuit when he needed to pee from another room in the house!
I love the connection, the mystery and I am in awe of human relationships that can run so deep that my mind and science will never fully comprehend.

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