2019 Daddy Doula Award Story by Jane

Nominee for Daddy Doula Award 2019

My husband Michael

Why do you feel this Daddy Doula deserves the award?

My darling husband deserves the daddy doula award. He had a workplace accident and lost his thumb, had surgery to reattach it, a 2-year wild darling boy and a wife who was 38 weeks pregnant planning a home birth! It was a very intense time. Michael remained calm, and supported our wishes to stick to our plan of a home birth and alas at 41 weeks our baby boy Bobby Henry was born at home! Michael was able to support and hold precious space for me all while allowing others to be more hands-on when needed as he couldn’t be, i.e my mum massaged my back. But without Michael’s solid and quiet presence I wouldn’t have been able to birth the way I did! it was amazing. Michael drew on all the she births tools too from our first session with our firstborn and the refresher 18 months later!

Our second baby waited until the perfect time to arrive! Everyone told me this would happen…my husband lost his thumb in a work accident when I was 38 weeks pregnant, with a 20-month-old toddler! It was very stressful but we remained focus and calm and Bobby Henry did a lot of preparation in week 40…at week 41 came into the world within 2.5 hours. We were planning a home birth, we stuck to this plan with the reassurance of my precious midwife Nancy. Nancy assured me that we could still birth at home even if Michael was less hands-on, she was aware of the dynamics and Michael’s feelings of inadequacy given his lack of physical capacity.

We set up space at home, Michael had music, oils etc Mum ribbed my back and we let labour progress. After some time, labour stopped at 8 pm, we told midwife and then decided I’d go to bed, at 1 am woke and it was on! Michael called midwives who arrived and my toddler woke. I tried settling toddler, with massive contractions!! Wow, what a time!! Finally, we suggested my mum take my toddler to her place and we settled in with my labour, sure enough, by 3.35am our precious baby boy arrived! Weighing 4.35kgs! We were all so surprised and couldn’t have been happier with our labour and birth.

Describe your birth experience in 3 words:

Jane partner n baby daddy doula awardFast, powerful and empowering

How did you prepare for birth?

She Births® and all the visualisations!

How did you bring your baby into the world?

Home birth

Who supported you throughout the birth?

Husband Michael, my mum, 2 midwives and 2 student midwives.

What was the most challenging part of the birth?

The week leading up, being overdue and the unknown, especially given Michael’s thumb accidents and the stress surrounding his temporary disability! Plus managing a 20-month-old toddler!

What most helped you through the birth experience?

Calm husband, shower and midwives

Was there anything that surprised you on the day?

The difference compared to my first birth

What has been the best post-birth care for you?

Frozen nappies on sore breast

jane partner
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