2019 Daddy Doula Award Story by Lauren

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Lauren Edwards daddy doula story 1

Nominee for Daddy Doula Award 2019

My partner Ben

Why do you feel this Daddy Doula deserves the award?

We have previously been interviewed by She Births® where I talked about Bens role in our birth. He was my equal and unwavering support during the labour and those first few days post-birth where I could barely lift our son. He took the role of primary caregiver for both of us. He also put his dislike of hospitals aside so we could get the help and rest we needed before we headed out into the big wide world as parents. I know it’s cliche to say even though we have our ups and downs there is truly no one I would rather be on this wild ride with.

Describe your birth experience in 3 words:

Intense, physical, focuseddaddy doula story from Lauren

How did you prepare for birth?

She Births® (following the She Births® bible to the letter) prenatal yoga, frequent reading of Ina Mays guide to childbirth.

How did you bring your baby into the world?

Episiotomy naturally!

Who supported you throughout the birth?

My partner Ben and doula Ange.

What most helped you through the birth experience?

Visualisation and lots of self talk. Thank you Nadine

Anything else you would like to tell us about your experience?

The power of the She Births® course. Not just saying that. Mostly for informing my partner and allowing us to make informed decisions about our birth. xx



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