Discover the mystery of pregnancy and childbirth for yourself!

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Since I created She Births® many of you asked for a way to explore childbirth and the power of yoga, without becoming a full time She Births® Educator. And this is the solution just for you.
Are you longing to…

  • Explore your own feminine power more deeply
  • Understand the connections between mind, body, soul and childbirth
  • Inspire other mums to create a truly beautiful birth experience in your daily life or even your work

If you answered YES to any one of these questions then you are ready for my new She Births® – Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Program 2016
Birth, Yoga and Motherhood (as well as Sex and Spirituality) are probably my favourite topics for discussion at the dinner table. Of course, they share the commonality of being inextricably linked (which in itself is a powerful discourse) but the one thing they all share is that they are INNATE to me, YOU and every other woman on this planet. All part of the complex mystery of mother Nature.
With my new She Births® – Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training these explorations are guaranteed to give you an opportunity to feel deeply embodied and empowered as a woman. So you can live in your own full expression of ‘She’ and share that with your partner, children and all others you come in contact with.
Since I created She Births® many of you asked for a way to explore childbirth and the power of yoga, without becoming a full time She Births® Educator. And this is the solution just for you.
I am so excited to finally have a format where I can share my 20 years of yoga teaching (and 25 years of practicing) with you Test First Name in this unique course.
‘When a group of women come together with the intention to dive deep and explore ancient wisdom…magic, transformation and alchemy happens. In fact when you align with your own personal innate powers together – anything can happen and manifestation becomes easy.’
Just check out some of the topics we will cover below. Even if you are not a yoga teacher then join me for PART ONE on the 18 & 19 June for only $449. But if you would like to be a certified Yoga Australia Prenatal & Postnatal teacher then join me for PART ONE & TWO on the 23rd & 24th June for only $948 (which includes $300 worth of free gifts and support – see below).

Nadine Richardson with two pregnant women doing She Births® prenatal yoga

Part One – Discovering the Mystery of Pregnancy and Birth

  • Reclaim the spiritual purpose of childbirth and understand the Vedic principles and teachings for mothers, fathers and babies
  • Anatomy, physiology & chemistry of fertility, pregnancy and childbirth
  • The amazing Inner and Outer Resources for childbirth that are scientifically proven to create a more natural birth experience
  • Perinatal Ayurvedic care for women and finding mental wellbeing while the endocrine and nervous systems continually change

Part Two – Empowering your Women and honouring the Perinatal Period

  • Teaching techniques for pre and post natal classes
  • Asana, pranayam and chanting for classes across each trimester
  • Integrating pregnant women into your general classes
  • Principles for adjusting mum and baby that work to enhance her health and make birth easier
  • Optimal class structures that allow you to teach easily and safely while also expressing your unique inner wisdom

Extra resources given to each YA participant valued over $300:

  • Detailed She Births® Yoga Teacher booklet valued at $100
  • She Births® Prenatal Yoga DVD valued at $30
  • She Births® Rebozo Shawl valued at $60
  • Free Prenatal & Postnatal classes at The Dharma Shala valued at $120
  • Email & Facebook Forum support with Nadine Richardson and other teachers is priceless 😉

Plus, if you have attended my She Births® childbirth course or been part of a Mini Prenatal Yoga Workshop then contact me directly for a special discount code.
It’s going to be the most awesome thing us ladies do this year!
Nadine xxx

She Births® Prenatal Yoga Video cover

I’m so grateful to Nadine’s open-hearted approach and to the She Births® process which allowed me to gain a much broader view of what were, ultimately, the most enriching experiences of our lives.

After She Births® I felt like I could achieve anything. We felt so empowered but most of all so connected to each other and ready to take on whatever lay ahead.

She Births® reminds us guys that they need not be afraid… I’m not exaggerating when I say that within the space of these two-days, your perspective of giving birth (and possibly your life) will change forever and for the better. Mine did.

In one single day She Births® completely revolutionised our perceptions, giving us another reality of birth that is natural, joyous and ecstatic.
Nadine is an incredibly sincere and gifted teacher. She combines her personal experience with modern science and timeless wisdom. As a man I felt it was the most vital preparation I could have done.   

‘98%’ Of Couples Described their Birth as Beautiful

96%’ Partners Enjoyed the She Births® Course

‘100%’ Participants Agree She Births is Great Value for Money

‘97%’ Agree Prenatal Yoga was Critical to a Better Birth

‘95%’  Experienced Improved Communication with Caregivers

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