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If you are reading this blog then I know you agree with me –  childbirth can be one of the most beautiful and sacred events in our lives. And, it remains a topic of conversation for all women, whether pregnant, early post partum or even a grandmother.
Birth is an event that we never forget. I remember, just like it was yesterday giving birth to my son Leroy – and that was 13 years ago!
One of the things I love most about working with birth is the complexities and the continual learning. It is a niche, rather like yoga that is a couple of metres wide yet infinite in depth. As the body-mind is so complex within all of us there is always more to learn from this very simple and everyday event.
I attended a homebirth the other day and learnt so much again; about the intricacies of malposition, the nature of trust and how deep it needs to run for everyone present – not just the mum – in order for birth to unfold naturally.
When I hear the average person in the street talking about birth I am still amazed by the negativity and misconceptions discussed and firmly held as though they are THE truth. I believe we still, i.e. all of us including me, have so much more to learn about birth. And just becaue you have expereinced birth one particular way, does not make you an expert – so please remember that the next time you discuss your birth or someone in the shopping ailse pulls you over to debrief their experience remember this!
That is why today I have a really exciting summit I want to share with you. I highly recommend that you join me at this online event in 10 days time.
Dr. Sandra Bevacqua invited me to present on The Empowered Mother’s Guide to a Happy, Healthy, Holistic Birthing Experience and I knew I had to be a part of it. She is an expert on the female pelvis, pelvic floor and sexuality as well as being a doctor of Molecular and Cellular Biology with additional expertise in Genetic Engineering, Nutrition and Human Biology. Her work is mind blowing! Dr. Sandy has a 9 month program helping women reclaim their power as they recover from prolapse, incontinence and sexual pain with her ground breaking knowledge and unique exercise programs. To say she is an expert is putting it mildly.
I have joined her and other like-minded childbirth experts like Debra Pascali-Boraro, Susun Weed, Katrina Zaslavsky and Stephanie Dawn at the summit. You won’t want to miss it! You can reserve your space here now.
I hope you can join us for five days of ground breaking, thought provoking discussion on how you can create an empowering birth experience…and how you can learn more about birth if you have already had your children. In the summit you will

  • Learn how you can transform pain to pleasure
  • Understand the anatomy, physiology and psychology of giving birth
  • Find out how to protect your pelvic floor
  • Acquire tools to address your fears and move through blocks
  • Discover how to have an orgasmic birth
  • Learn which herbs can be used safely during pregnancy and childbirth

And lots more!
All you need to do to reserve your spot for The Empowered Mother’s Guide to a Happy, Healthy, Holistic Birthing Experience, May 4th thru 8th is reserve your spot here.
There are some fantastic specials and upgrade discounts too – you will even receive 20% off the She Births® online course.
Remember to pass this on to a friend if you can and I hope to see you then
x Nadine

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