Guru Purnima

Today I would like to give thanks for all my wonderful teachers – you my mums and dads…


Today is actually the most auspicious day in the Vedic calender. It is yogic Christmas really. As the full (blue) moon draws closer to the earth during July we are able to bathe in the light of the feminine and receive warmth, clearing of our karma and a special blessing.
So tonight if you are able meditate, light a candle and walk in the light of this rare second full moon of July – it will be full at 8.42pm. It’s best if you meditate and connect with the teacher within your own heart and then make an offering of flowers at an alter or picture of your teachers, or perhaps to the ocean or just internally your heart. It is a day to give thanks to all who have gone before us and who have helped us to see the light and beauty of our being.
After you do all this then you get to make a wish – a wish that will expand both yours and the whole universe’s state of happiness – Guru Purnima grants you a boon.
Tonight I will pray and thank of all my teachers but I also want to thank each one of you who have shared with me over the years. She Births has only arisen and become so successful because of our very special community and the open dialogue we share. I am so grateful for every birth I have attended and every story that you have shared via email, facebook or at yoga. I must say that today I feel incredibly connected to all of you who I have had the privilege to teach and share with.

We are making new She Births DVD over the next couple of weeks. It will be used in our She Births courses on the Saturday afternoons. I would love it to be a montage of different images and videos – from different couples giving birth in different places and in different ways. But of course showing all the tools we utilise and the deep trust and support needed for birth. If you have any video footage (or stills) that you would be happy to share with other pregnant couples then please send me an email directly here.

I ran a Join the Revolution of Birth workshop the other week – which just happened to fall on Bastille Day -I do love how the universe works sometimes. When I realised the day – which was that morning thanks to facebook – my words came out a little something like this…(read more here)
I did not know when I started working with birth that I was joining a revolution. I didn’t realise that birth was a movement. And was embedded with politics. I saw the politics pretty quickly as it plays out in hospital systems – as it does in nearly all large bureaucracies. But I had no idea how deeply the rivers of intrinsic power and empowerment run within birth. Read more here…
As time goes on I learn more and more about birth and the potential empowerment or disempowerment the moment can hold for women both in the west and in the 3rd world. I still struggle to get my head around the face that women are the most disadvantaged and mistreated group of people on the planet.
So being a part of She Births or by becoming an educator, doula, midwife, ob you really are a big part of the revolution whether you know it or like it, or not.
The goal of She Births® is to support couples to give birth as consciously and as lovingly as possible. Every one of our educators feels this and is also a very skilled facilitator, teacher, birth worker. She builds a business by creating a community and offering numerous services from pregnancy to postpartum and creates a unique worthiness amongst our mums, a validation of families that they truly are making a huge difference simply in the valuing and loving relationships they foster.
There are only 2 spaces left for the 2015 Educator Training program on 7-11th September. Read more from our Manly She Births® Educator Radha Vine here and learn about the comprehensive training.

Full Moon
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